Groromper Review

from The Gro Company
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Does your toddler sleep like a starfish? Are they keen to leap out of bed and play in the morning? The Groromper gives them the freedom to stretch their legs, wriggle their toes and get on with all that important toddler activity, while asleep or at play. The supersoft Jacquard Groromper keeps your child at a comfortable temperature all night long, without the need for top sheets and blankets.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Verity: The Groromper was easy to use and I liked the temperature guide telling me what my son should be wearing depending on the room temperature. I would particularly recommend this to someone if they travelled with their child as this is where I found it most useful. My son is happy in a sleeping bag but if a child likes their legs free to move at night then the romper would be brilliant. The legs are free but not restrained. They don’t get cold like they would if they moved from a duvet or blanket in the night.

Charlotte: I would recommend it particularly for when you are travelling. My child slept well in it. He even wanted to be put it in which was great. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get certain things on him but he was more than happy to wear this. It's soft, cosy and it washes well. It also dried quite quickly which was a bonus. The design is great. I particularly like that the feet fold over and have grippy bits on them preventing slips and slides. It's very easy to use.

Eleanor: I would wholeheartedly recommend this. I have actually recommended it already! It so easy to get it washed and dried quickly. The reversible zip makes changing nappies in the morning easy. You don't have to take the whole thing off and then wrestle to put it back on. It’s small and light enough to pack for holidays.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jenny: The best bit for us about this product was the ability to put our son in it in the car and then transfer him asleep to his cot, unlike other sleeping bags. It was easy to put on and we liked the fact the feet could be covered or uncovered.

Corinna: This is really useful for when my little girl wakes in the morning. I usually bring her into my bedroom or take her downstairs so it's nice to keep her in the Groromper especially if it's a bit chilly. She moves around a lot during the night so this was ideal to wear instead of blankets. Changing her nappy in the morning whilst still in the romper was a really good function. It made things a lot easier.

Lydia: This product is great and speeds up the bedtime routine. I haven’t got to dress my daughter in several layers which makes things quicker. It brings my washing levels down as I haven’t got to worry about sleeping bags and blankets as well as what she’s wearing.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lyndsey: I do like this product. My 20-month-old son outgrew sleeping bags and I like that this gives him the freedom to move and wriggle during sleep. I think that most mums worry about the transition to child bedding and this helps take out the worry of duvets being kicked off or children putting them over their heads. It is reassuring to know that they will stay warm and cosy throughout the night.

Verity: If I had planned to travel in the evenings or had some long car journeys I would buy this item. It’s no more expensive than certain brands for a sleeping bag. Personally, my son was more comfortable in a bed than in the Groromper but I found it really useful and handy for the transfer from car to bed with no disruptions.

Eleanor: I would choose this to win. Although it is quite expensive, you are paying for the quality and the research the brand has put in to keep the babies safe whilst sleeping. The design is simple and not too garish. It’s easy to bundle a little one into and has some great little features like the fold over feet so when she wakes up she’s not skidding all over the house!

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: There should be more colour options. It's very basic at the moment, either in pink or blue. I don't like gender-specific colours for boys and girls. Maybe it could be offered in a yellow, grey or red.

Jenny: The feet function is fantastic but our little boy is very active so his toes did pop out in the night a couple of times. A tweak in the design could fix this while keeping the functionality of the being feet covered or uncovered. This would mean complete peace of mind on cold winter nights that he wouldn't wake with cold toes!

Corinna: I would like to see this product offer a thinner version or a Groromper with a lower tog value. Whilst my child found this really comfortable to wear, it wasn't ideal in the warmer months. If there was the option to purchase a thinner or a lower tog version this would be something I would be happy to have. They are a practical idea so being able to use it all year round would be beneficial.

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