John Lewis & Partners 2-in-1 Pushchair & Carrycot Review

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John Lewis & Partners 2-in-1 Pushchair & Carrycot at a glance:

A value-for-money item that doesn't compromise on quality, our 2-in-1 pushchair has everything you need to take you from birth to approximately four years old. Use the carrycot from birth and simply switch to the seat unit once they're able to sit up on their own.

Sleek and practical, it features suspension wheels that will provide a smooth ride for the baby no matter what the terrain and adjustable handlebars so that you enjoy the journey as well. Lightweight and easy to fold, it's great for storage even in smaller spaces.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kaiesha said: "I really love this pushchair, it's so versatile I have a month old baby and an 18-month-old toddler with the pram being able to be made into a stroller this is absolutely amazing!! Means both my girls can use it! I love the bit underneath as it's high which means you could even put your changing bag in there or your shopping!"

Lana said: "The product makes it easier as a mum by being able to remove/change the different parts with one hand. It is also easy to push while having another child to take places, e.g school runs. The shopping basket size is also great as it spacious for a mum who doesn’t drive to put shopping in or to put the baby essentials in."

Sinead said: "The John Lewis & Partners 2-in 1 pushchair and carry coat is just beautiful! Upon opening up this pushchair, I instantly fell in love! The pushchair was easy and quick to put together. The pushchair was light and made life easy for the first time mum - being able to carry it and put it up alone. The pushchair is so lightweight I was easy to speed around the shops."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lauren Oxley said: "It was very easy to build and came in one box! Very easy to fold and store in the boot or store away. Very easy to steer can also be steered with one hand. It’s very pretty. Easy to clean it's a zip on the carrycot so easy to take off. Love the velvet insert on the pram seat. Absolutely love the big hood! The price isn’t bad at all considering it’s a high quality named brand too. The rain cover is very easy to put on, the baby stays dry and doesn’t come off easily either."

Victoria said: "This product makes my life easier as a mum as I am able to take my baby out, be able to keep her comfortable and warm, I am able to place bags etc… in the decent-sized basket underneath whilst keeping my arms free. The handle is adjustable which is useful. The additions of carrycot cover, foot cosy and rain covers are also welcome additions so the user is prepared for all weathers."

Lauren Cookson said: "I love the design of this travel system. The Bassinet looks smart, and the stroller attachment is padded and looks so comfy. I find it easy to fold and store away in the boot or house. The handle on the frame once folded sits quite high so you don't have to bend down too far to pick it up. This stroller is also super sturdy - it feels well built. the footmuff on this is also the best I've seen its so fluffy and looks like it would keep the baby warm. (I have only had this product through summer, but I am looking forward to using the footmuff this winter). I would recommend to anyone looking for a stroller that has the look but does not lack in comfort because this has both."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lana said: "I would choose this product because it looks smart and it pushes lovely without disturbing the baby. I think this product has a good chance of winning because if it’s a lovely spacious basket and smooth ride. However, I would change the size of the carrycot because it seems a bit small for long-legged babies, which might force mums to use the next stage component early."

Victoria said: "This product looks great, it is stylish and modern looking and is certainly one that would catch my eye when shopping for a pram. The price seems appropriate too. This product does all it is advertised to do - baby so far has seemed perfectly comfortable in both the carrycot and now the seat. It is that good the seat can be reclined into different positions and it is easy and light to put up and down."

Kaiesha said: "I would choose this one over any other pram as it's sturdy, reliable, beautiful and comfortable to push. I think one of the best features of this pram is that you can adjust the handle when pushing, so it's as comfortable for you to push as possible. I love that you can fix it in place to whatever position is most comfortable for you."

What changes would you make to this product?

Sinead: "For us as a family, we loved the John Lewis & Partners pushchair and carrycot and found it to be a lovely travel system. If I were to improve this product I would say that the size for fitting into the boot needs improvement as it is very large when folded. It has removable wheels but this became inconvenient. I also think that as a travel system a car seat would have been a good addition to complete the system."

Nicola said: "I would change it to give it better suspension and driveability. It’s quite difficult to go up curbs as it has no suspension and a few times, the baby was jerked trying to go up against them. It was quite difficult to lean on the pram sufficiently to allow the front wheels to raise enough to go up the curb."

Stephanie said: "The pram overall is slightly bulky, particularly the back wheels. This means I am constantly making sure it will fit through spaces and banging the back wheels on things as I’m walking. I would rather the wheels be in line and smaller, especially for a pram that isn’t marketed as being for off-road etc."

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