Maxi-Cosi Adorra Luxe Review

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Maxi-Cosi Adorra Luxe at a glance:

The Adorra Luxe travel system bundle from Maxi-Cosi offers the next level in chic, comfortable travel. Comprising of a matching Adorra Luxe pushchair, Pebble Pro Luxe car seat, Oria Luxe carrycot, and a teddy lined footmuff, this travel system offers serious style with excellent functionality.

Suitable from birth up to approximately four years and featuring a striking chrome chassis, premium breathable fabrics and a quick-lock magnetic harness, families can easily transition from car to pavement, to home.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Candice said: "This product is all that is needed in a travel system, so with this travel bundle you have all that is needed till about the age of 4. I love that the seat has multiple positions because the ability for the baby to sleep on the go (for older babies out of the bassinet) is gold, and sometimes the only time baby will sleep! I also love the big storage area under the buggy this enables me to load my bags, shopping or any other bits I need to carry under the buggy. The easy folding system is another great feature and the buggy folds up fairly small."

Katie said: "This is an excellent travel system. It is very easy to assemble, with detailed instructions which are clear and easy to follow. Having assembled a competitor’s buggy, this was significantly simpler. Once up and running, the interchangeability of the bassinet, main pram and car seat is an excellent feature and means you can keep your little one asleep! It is sturdy and well designed and also very easy to navigate kerbs and the usual inner-city hazards. It also handles park terrain very easily too. We would thoroughly recommend this system."

Rebecca said: "Folds up easily and quickly. Takes up minimal space in the boot. Easy to put up too. That it’s a full set so no need to buy a separate car seat and also because the car seat attaches to the frame. Easy to manoeuvre using just one hand too. Carrycot is great for folding down as it takes up less space in the boot too."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sade said: "I would recommend this product to another mum because it's easy to use. To unfold it isn’t a struggle it’s one button to put up and down and you can do it with one hand. All the system parts ie carry cot toddler seat car seat are all very light and easy to slot into the pram. There’s an adjustable handle with a few settings which is handy depending on your height to make you more comfortable. It comes with a lot of accessories which are all handy and the luxe footmuff is brilliant for the winter no need to carry lots of blankets around The pram is also very stylish and smart."

Clare said: "I absolutely loved the large shopping carrier at the bottom of the Adorra Luxe. It gives loads of room for a changing bag, backpack and extras. It is really easy to build using the instructions given and allows you to easily swap between car seat, carrycot and stroller. I also love the fact that the stroller can be rear-facing up to a certain age and then front-facing. The stroller is lightweight to push and has a good and easy to use braking system. It is very stylish with a chrome chassis and soft grey fabric."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Katie said: "Personally if I was in the market for a travel system and had a hall big enough and an area within my house that I could dedicate to storing the travel system, I would choose this product. We have a smaller house, so actually find a narrower buggy, which collapses to an even smaller size and is lighter, to be a better fit for us. We have found we need two people to get the buggy in and out of the house as we need to carry it over our shoe rack. It is well built, has good storage, is good value for money and is stylish."

**Sade said:** "It’s a lovely pram and has a lot of good qualities, for example, the style, easy to use, weight, massive basket and it's very comfy. All the accessories are easy to use and connect to the pram. The rain covers are easy to connect and so are the nets/ net visors which a lot of prams do not have that option for summer times. Overall, it's a great pram so yes I feel it could win above other products."

Candice said: "This is a lovely product with great features. It is fairly pricey for the whole bundle, but there is a lot in the bundle. I am a fan of the overall design and like the colour of the product as I feel like when a lot of mess is made by a snacking toddler it would not show up too much. I would also choose this product for the smooth ride it provides for the baby."

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare said: "The steering. I have struggled to steer the stroller with and without my son in it. As well as getting it up and down curbs. I have even checked three times to make sure I have put the wheels on properly. I found it really difficult to navigate corners and even when trying to push it in a straight line, it often veered to the left."

Rebecca said: "100 per cent the car seat. The pram itself with carrycot and seat aren’t that bad at all. I really wish the car seat had a hood it’s a big minus for me as a mum. It was also too hard with inserts out could do with more padding especially on the sides near the bottom of the car seat. The handle also reduced too far backwards and would carry better if towards more middle of the seat where baby’s bottom would be and weight."

Katie said: "We would personally suggest a slightly narrower system that is easier to get into and out of a smaller house/flat. Because of the easy transferability, this problem is mitigated by the fact you can remove your baby within the bassinet, but then we would have to collapse the frame to get it into our house. Having a narrower system would avoid this problem and not compromise too much on the storage space."

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