Milton Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Review

from Tesco
RRP £3
Milton Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser
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by Emily Thorpe |

At a glance

100 per cent plant-based, effective on 99% of germs, including Coronavirus, and biodegradable. It's the easiest way to keep hands clean and fresh when soap and water isn't easily within reach. Made with natural ingredients including lactic acid, derived from beetroot or corn, the sanitiser is moisturising, non-drying and soothing. The green credentials of its biodegradable formula are enhanced by recyclable packaging, no parabens, no alcohol and no colourants.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: I like the size of the product because it is compact so it can fit in my handbag or baby change bag easily. I also like the pump on the bottle and the fact the product is a foam. I find sanitisers that are gel can be quite messy when they come out of the bottle. The foam was very clean when pumped out of the bottle and left no mess.

Emily: The Milton hand sanitiser is alcohol-free, plant-based and suitable for use from 3 months old. My 8-month-old is always putting her hands in her mouth, so I have felt much more comfortable putting this on her hands when we are out and about. The bottle size is quite compact, so fits easily in my nappy bag. It has a pump dispenser and the product is a foam which makes it easy to use.

Abbie: This is in a handy little sized bottle with a big plunge type pump so is easy to get the product out and on to wriggling hands. It’s perfect for when you’re out and about and your toddler wants snacks but there aren’t handwashing facilities nearby. Not harsh at all and disappears off the surface of the skin after a couple of rubs.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rachel: Yes I would recommend because it’s the only product I’ve seen that will kill bacteria/viruses on children’s hands and it’s gentle on the skin. Also, my toddler loves the foam and doesn’t struggle with me when I put it in him- he can also use the pump himself making it even easier to use when out and about.

Jennifer: The design of the product is very good because the foam is exciting for kids and therefore encourages them to use it, it doesn’t smell strongly/badly, the bottle itself is a great size for handbags/nappy bag and it doesn’t leak. The price point is great too, so all round a big winner here.

Sian: It's a handy size, which is easy to use having a spray top. It fits easily in my hand and nicely into my handbag if popping out by myself or into my baby bag for family days out. I'd recommend this product to other mums as it lasts, is easy to use and leaves my hands feeling dry and clean, with no strong odour.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lauren: The product seems to be of very good quality. It does the job of cleaning my hands well and I like the size of the bottle for taking out with me. I would say the price point of the product is a little expensive compared to other similar products on the market. But I do like the product and would consider buying it again.

Emily: This sanitiser is alcohol-free and suitable for babies over 3 months, so I would choose this product over alcohol-based ones to use on my baby. I also liked that the dispenser and foam made it quick and easy to apply. However I was not a huge fan of the smell, so if I found a similar product that had a more pleasant smell then I would probably switch to that.

Abbie: I’ve never actually seen a hand sanitiser for children before and never seen or used one so gentle on skin with no sticky and strong-smelling alcohol residue. It’s perfect for little hands when out and about so I definitely think this product should win- especially in the current world we live in where keeping little hands clean is a must.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachael: I don’t think I would change anything to be totally honest. Cheaper is always better, or slightly more product for your money? I think it’s easy to use, puts your mind at rest when out and about, is fun for little ones to use and apply themselves and it doesn’t leave any kind of smell or residue on the skin.

Jennifer: Could always ask for things to be a bit cheaper, although I do think the price point is acceptable for sure! I like the bottle and the design on the bottle, but it could perhaps be more child friendly to attract them more - perhaps with an animal on it or some sort of colour or pattern? It didn’t put my kids off, but I know others are fussier.

Sian: The price, as it is an item that is used daily I would like to see it more affordable. For a family who are busy and often out and about, say during the school holidays it may not last too long, and to keep buying them regularly can become costly. It is a well-known brand name and often people will pay for the name.

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