Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes Review

from Milton
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Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes at a glance:

The Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes are made of 100% plant-based viscose and lyocell, are compostable and biodegradable. Totally rinse-free and food-safe, use them to wipe clean soothers, teats, teething rings, plates and cutlery without worrying about the need to rinse afterwards. Ideal for travel and quick clean-ups at home or on the move with baby, Milton Wipes kill 99.9% of germs, including bacterial and fungi. Use them on highchairs, toys, changing mats.

How did this product make your life easier?

Fiona: This product makes my life easier as a mum as it gives me confidence when out and about that my baby is eating off clean surfaces which is so important especially at the moment! My baby is ten months old and when we go out for meals I have used these to wipe the table we sit at so that he can eat directly off it.

Hayley: As a busy mum of two I found these wipes made my life easier as they are suitable for use at home and on the go. They kill 99.9% of germs which in the current situation has us all concerned so these wipes are an absolute must for the changing bag and for use around the home. I've used these on my little one dummy and toys.

Harriett: This product has absolutely made my life easier as a new mum. I used to be anxious about how I would clean his dummies and toys when out and about and I now use these everyday to safely clean the things he puts in his mouth. I can quickly clean his dummies if they fall on the floor, which has been a total lifesaver! They really have impressed me and I wouldn’t be without them now. 100% changing bag essential.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hayley: I would highly recommend these wipes to other mums as they are perfect for at home and on the go. I think we have all dropped babies spoon or dummy on the floor before whilst out and these wipes will give that reassurance that all 99.9% of germs are killed, also that the wipes are fragrance-free and super quick drying.

Fiona: I would recommend this product to all mums; it is such a great addition to any change bag! It is compact and so easy to use to ensure that toys, high chairs and tables are clean. Like most people I have found the return to restaurants quite strange post lockdown and this product has really helped me to feel confident in doing so.

Harriett: They are incredibly useful and versatile and they take away a lot of the anxiety you have as a new mum about keeping things sterile and clean for your baby. Once I had these I was far more relaxed about being able to keep dummies and teething toys clean whilst out and about. Before I used to want to come home to wash things properly but now I feel able to go out for longer and clean things on the move!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Samantha: Yes I definitely think this product should win, the wipes are ideal for all baby equipment. They are very moist so one wipe can clean a large area at one time, ensuring the wipes last for a long period of time. They are in a pack so can be taken anywhere needed, they also do not take up much space in your baby changing bag or even under the sink. They are very good wipes and I have loved testing them.

Hayley: I would 100% choose the Milton wipes over any other brand as these wipes feel me with confidence that they have done there job and they are 100% biodegradable fabric of natural origin which is a must. Also I love the fact these are fragrance free and no need to rinse, dry super quick leaving no marks.

Gabriella: I think it definitely should win. Milton is a trusted brand, I am using more products not just these wipes. I never used any different kind of disinfectant wipes, but I love this one. Doesn't matter how many time you open the package seals perfectly which is I think little annoying when you can't close back the labels.

What changes would you make to this product?

Harriett: I would want to make the packet larger and make the wipes a larger size too. It was difficult to clean larger surfaces with them (although they are not intended for that purpose) it would have been useful to wipe down pram bars, highchairs etc with them. Their size suits cleaning dummies and teething toys very well but more limited for larger things.

Gabriella: I noticed the last 2-3 wipes were quite dry so maybe you could give to the wipes a little bit moist. I find the price a little bit expensive, maybe for 1.50 would sell better, I know you have to pay for quality, I don't mind because my daughter is my everything. Lastly it would be really nice an online shop, these days so hard to find things in the shops, and i prefer online shops.

Samantha: If I could change one thing, it would be to add more wipes into the packet only because they are really good wipes. I haven’t got anything negative to add about these wipes as they have been very very useful around the house and on the go especially with having a little one. This brand is a very good brand and even better they have the product in a wipe format.

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