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baby sunshades

by Emily Thorpe |

While a lovely sunny walk can be an enjoyable experience for you and your baby, it's important to remember to protect their delicate skin from the strong rays and brightness of the sun. Along with sunscreen, the easiest way to do this is with a pram sunshade, parasol or cover.

While some prams and travel systems have a long enough hood, others don't, so you'll need to pick one up.

Available for a range of prices, pram sunshades and parasols clips easily onto the side or frame of your buggy or pushchair and are generally universal.

A buggy cover is another popular option as they also create a quiet and peaceful environment for your child to have a snooze without being bothered by bright light or even wind. These tend to cover your baby completely which understandably some parents don't like.

Are buggy covers safe?

The Lullaby Trust - who advises on safer sleeping for babies - advise that “Prams should not be covered with blankets, cloths or any cover that prevents the air from circulating.” This is because these items can cause the temperature to rise, leading to overheating and risking your baby’s life. Instead, they recommend sticking to a clip-on sunshade or a parasol. Every product included in our round-up ensures good ventilation but you should still check regularly on your baby.

Things to think about

Will it fit my buggy? While many of these products are universal, some aren't. It's also worth checking if the manufacturer of your chosen pushchair sells a specific sunshade too.

Does it have UV protection? One of the most important parts, double-check if and how much UV protection the product you are looking to buy is offering. This is especially vital for babies under six months who can't wear suncream. Older babies should still be wearing sunscreen even with the use of one of these products.

• What is it made from? You'll want to be on the lookout for fabrics that offer ventilation or mesh panels to make sure that air can flow through. This is especially important for buggy covers as they cover the entire area while parasols and sunshades don't so your baby still has plenty of air.

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