Puri Pushchair Ventilation Unit


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As parents we try to do everything we can to protect our babies and keep them as safe as possible, with the best prams, cots and car seats. But what about pollutants and germs in the air around them?

Designed to be attached to a pushchair or a car seat, Puri is a powerful, yet quiet, air purifier that reduces particulates and particles to keep your baby breathing in clean, fresh air rather than fumes and soot from vehicles and pollution.

EU Standard Hepa Filters also remove pollen and dander and Activated Carbon Filters will deactivate viruses using added pure silver.

puri box

Key features

  • Simply attaches to your Pushchair or Stroller, Car Seat etc with quick release Velcro Straps.

  • Odour and Fume Sensors indicate air quality with traffic-light system.

  • Application Area 10-12m3, cleans the air in average size pushchair/pram/stroller hood at least 35 times per hour.

  • Can also be used for travel, aeroplanes, (including long haul) trains, buses, cars, office desks, cots etc.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery with 6/8 hours life (warning light indicates recharge).

Ensure your baby has clean fresh air to breathe when out and about.

Ravair ltd have many other products that will help with providing clean fresh air in the home and may help at night or when having an afternoon nap.

The Wall Mounted Air Purifier in particular will remove particulates, dander, pollen etc with high quality Glass Hepa Filters, while Activated Carbon filters will remove smells and vapours from Nappies etc.

It is also fitted with an internal UV light designed to reduce bacteria and viruses in the air.

For more information, visit: ravair.co.uk/

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