QPLAY “NOVA” Foldable Tricycle Review

from Smyths Toys
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The QPLAY "NOVA" Foldable Tricycle at a glance:

The QPLAY "NOVA" Foldable Tricycle has a light aluminum body with a unique design. The patented folding system makes for easy transportation and storage and there's an adjustable parent push bar for control, extendable canopy as well as an adjustable & reclining backrest for optimum comfort.

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Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Sophie: I really like how easy it was to fold up and unfold, I found that others on the market didn’t look like they folded up small and also through looking on youtube some seemed less easy to unfold.

Maryanne: It is very small and easy to use. The bag on the back can hold two cloth nappies which is nice as others can’t safely hold as much. However, the bag is so low down that it risks getting splashed and I worry what’s inside may get damaged however we have been lucky and had lovely weather so I may be worrying about nothing. The NOVA folds down to practically nothing meaning it is so portable. It is brilliant having something we can easily take anywhere and is still lots of fun for our son. It is very lightweight something I personally love, it feels like it can turn on a pin, however, my husband is less sure.

Alexia: In comparison to other trikes on the market there isn’t really that much about the product that makes it that different to others on the market but It does have useful accessories in form of bags and drinks holder. These bags are useful for carrying small items such as keys, money and small snacks but aren’t big enough for anything more substantial and unless using on a small trip, still need an additional bag for all the things required to take with you for small children such as clothing changes, wipes and nappies, anything too heavy would destabilise the weight balance on the trike. Others on the market have trays that could store the same volume as the bags but the advantage the bags have is being able to seal the items in.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Sophie: The NOVA was a lovely activity for my baby to do with her older sister who also has one that doesn’t fold up. This one was definitely easier to get in and out of the car.

Maryanne: The first thing my son said when he saw it was "Yay car!" every time we go out he runs for this first and puts himself in and tries to do up the safety bar. When we take him out with it and he’s had enough and wants to go home he puts himself in it and tries to strap himself in. There are a lot of admiring glances and other kids coming up to have a look. He is the coolest kid on the playground with this and my gosh does he know it. It is definitely much more fun than the stroller and pram and he is far calmer in the trike then anything else. We have even started using it to go shopping as its a far more pleasant experience form son especially with extra queuing.

Donna: I can jog whilst pushing my baby, however, I am only 5ft 5 and the handle doesn't extend on it enough.

What excites you about this product?

Sophie: The foldability of the item amazed me as it was so compact and so easy to open and close.

Maryanne: It is just fun and cool. It feels more like a toy than anything practical. We have talked about getting one of these for ages but have been put off worrying that my son would hate it and then we would have paid a lot for nothing. For me as someone in a small house, the fact the NOVA is small is the game-changer. I can leave it in the hall and still get past it to go out to work. It has been so much fun walking out and about with him on it, though to get in and out of my house, it needs two people due to stairs. The space saved is also brilliant when visiting my mother as we can easily park it up safely.

Donna: The NOVA is great quality, a smooth ride, and foldable. I like that you can control the turning and not the child. I also love the storage bags

What one thing would you change about this product?

Sophie: The price. I do think the product is quite pricey for what it is.

Maryanne: It's not really as brilliant for my husband. The handle at full extension is too short for him and as our son is 18 months we need the handle. Its is perfect for my at 5 foot 2 inches but my husband is 6 feet tall so it does annoy him bending. He also hates the lightweight feel and worries it will tip mounting or dismounting the pavement. He just doesn’t feel as safe using this while he is impressed he just can’t get past it. As it is predominantly hollow plastic it does feel very flimsy and he is right unless you hit a level pavement just right it starts to tip. Plus my son keeps reaching up and pulling on the canopy, it is quite flimsy and it feels like he will snap it off. Its as my husband just said is better as an independent trike then with him pushing.

Donna: The length of the handle needs to be longer.

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