Travel Grobag Baby Sleep Bag Review

from The Gro Company
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This baby sleep bag, the Grobag, is designed to keep your baby sleeping soundly which means more shut-eye for mum and dad as well. It keeps the baby at a comfortable temperature and no additional sheets or blankets are required. It features a front zip, underarm poppers and a zip-click feature to stop little ones from opening their zips. A free nursery thermometer is included in 0-6 and 6-18 month sizes so you can check your baby is dressed appropriately.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nicola: As previously described, the strength of the product is in its ease of mobility. The simple thing of being able to buckle into a car seat or pram without taking the product off is key. Whilst buckled in the baby is comfortable whilst maintaining free movement of their arms and hands. The low tog of the bag is ideal, it is warm enough without being too hot.

Annemarie: I would highly recommend the Travel Grobag. Our daughter doesn’t sleep well without a sleeping bag as she tends to kick blankets of within minutes of falling asleep and then wakes up! We found the Travel Grobag fantastic for our holidays. Our baby would sleep peacefully in the comfort of her sleeping bag without getting too hot. During car journeys or when getting her to sleep in the pram, the transfer straight into the cot was made very easy without having to wake the sleeping little one.

Dannibelle: It is a very convenient product to have which easily fits into the baby's changing bag. My first attraction was the compact packaging of the product and the fact that it is in a light bag. It helps tremendously when preparing for travelling. The design is awesome and fun for my baby to look at. I already know that I would recommend the higher Tog Traver Grobag for the winter months based on this product. I like the feel of the fabric and how comfortable it is against my baby's skin

How did this product make your life easier?

Tejal: It is fantastic to use on-the-go. My daughter is a fidget and would never keep a blanket on when in the car seat or pram. This allows me to place her in the car seat during nap times or at night and then transfer her straight into her cot when home without too much disruption which is any parents nightmare!

Louise: It is ideal for travelling at nap times. I could get the kids ready and then put them in the car. Once they fall asleep and get home, I can easily take them out of the car and put them straight to bed. This means I don't have to wake them up. If they wake up, I would spend ages trying to put them back to sleep so this makes life so much easier.

Helen: The Travel Grobag is very attractive, with a lovely bright pattern. It is made of a very soft, high quality feeling cotton. It was very cool on my baby skin during hot nights, allowing for a good sleep. It washed very well, although it creased easily. It would increase your ironing load if this is something that bothered you.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: I love the design. I was asked if I wanted to test a neutral, girls or boys design. I don't really mind what he wears but having chosen the boy design, it is really nice. No other sleeping bag has this safety aspect and is compatible with car seats. This is a big plus for me as it allows him to comfortable and safe at the same time.

Charlotte: I would choose this because I feel The Gro Company are a trusted brand. Every Grobag I have ever had has been equal in quality. I feel that if you have the extra money to spend then they are worth every penny. This product ticks all the boxes for me and it should win based on their consistency of great products and child safety.

Leanne: If the price wasn’t a factor it would win hands down. The quality and travel features are brilliant. My baby sleeps soundly in this. It is quick and easy to get access to change our baby’s nappy without having to take the whole thing off or expose our baby to the air too much. However, the price for one sleeping bag is too steep for us. I want the zip to be on the side so that if our baby wants to sleep on his front then he isn’t lying on a zip.

What changes would you make to this product?

Anarosa: If I could change one thing about the Travel Grobag Baby Sleep Bag it would be to make it more unique. We used the product and liked it. But it was just like others and nothing set it above the rest of the baby sleeping bags out there. It would also be better if the bag it was in had a zip.

Nicola: I would be really struggling to suggest any improvements. The product does exactly what I want. Cost is important to family's and the Travel Grobag is at the top end of the market in terms of price. I felt it was necessary to research the product to ensure my investment was worthwhile. Anything that can be done to slightly reduce cost or further promote how good the bag is would be beneficial.

Annemarie:  I could not find a major fault with the Travel Grobag. The design makes travelling with a baby that likes sleeping bags indefinitely easier. I only wished there was a slightly thicker version for cold environments. We found that we had to layer blankets on top on the rare occasion that we had to get our daughter to sleep in a room with fiercely cold air conditioning or in a cold plane cabin.

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