Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Review

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RRP £379
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by Catriona Watson |

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At a glance:

The city tour pushchair folds small for big adventures. Suitable for children from 6 months to around 3 years, this nippy pushchair is designed for daily adventures, weekend road trips and even far-away flights. It features five riding modes, forward and rear-facing options, a one-handed folded, an auto lock and integrated carry strap for easy transport.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Ritienne: I would recommend it because of its nice design, good build and because it's easy to use. It very easy to clean as well and the material seems to be good quality. It is easy to fold even with one hand. The toddler looks comfortable in it although for slightly older and taller kids the seat depth might be a bit short.

Sarah: I would recommend this product because of how easily it folded and how easy it was to unfold too. I didn’t look at any instructions and it was so simple to work out how to do it. It was very light and therefore easy to steer one handed when needed. The seat was comfortable for my daughter and well padded. It also folded very small and I had a lot more room in the boot of my car than I normally would!

Amanda: The Baby Jogger was lightweight and easy to use, which made it enjoyable to take out. The buggy folded up in half which meant that is was easy to put into both our small and larger car with plenty of space for other items when out for the day. The size of the buggy meant that getting in and out of shop door was easy as the buggy as a whole was not bulky.

How did this product make your life easier?

Paulina: The pushchair is very easy to push and feels fairly lightweight. The pushchair folds easily together and fits well even in small boots. The seat is adjustable from sitting to lying. The baby sits upright and can hold onto the handlebar in front of him. The delivery contains a cupholder attachable to the baby's handlebar, which is a nice idea, but not necessarily practical. The hood covers low standing sun and makes a walk in the evening possible.

Katja: The baby jogger city tour LUX is easy to fold and easy to steer. It has everything, car seat and carrycot. You need only one pushchair instead of buying another one for your toddler. The pushchair is light and robust. However, the wheels are small and not suitable for lawn and forest ground. It has a lot of features, which makes life easier. When the pushchair is folded, it is easy to carry. I do not get the cup holder. If it is for the child, it is badly designed. It is sideways and the child cannot get the bottle out.

Nicole: The baby jogger city tour lux is such a great pram. As a mum, I want a pram that I can quickly put up and down, in and out of the car with ease. This pram does all of that and more. It makes a mums life easier as it’s so light to lift. You can put the strap on your shoulder while still negotiating a one-year-old to the car.

Would you choose this product to win?

Penny: I would choose this product over others because it really is an all rounder! It looks great and works for a busy family life. I do think this product should be considered to win as the design is brilliant. The fact it goes into a backpack is absolutely fantastic! It works for anyone who has young babies to toddlers. I rate it ten out of ten!

Penny: I would choose this product over others on the market because the price of the pram is really reasonable. It gives you a trendy pram that can be used from birth. It is easy to fold and store away in the house and car. It is cheaper than other prams where you do not get all of the fantastic features it brings. I think this product should win because it is affordable and meets all of a mothers and child's needs.

Lucy: Although I found this pushchair quite heavy in weight, there are so many things that make it great. The design, the easy folding and putting back up again, the look of it as well as durability and sturdiness are brilliant. After using it for our holiday I didn't want to go back to our normal pushchair at home. Things just seem much easier with this pushchair which makes it a winner in my eyes!

What changes would you make to this product?

Véronique: I would like it to be available in more colours. I would also like a centre bar between the back wheels to lever it over pavement curbs and a different handbrake. The hood does offer extra shade but it would be nice if the little one could see out via the sides to see the surrounding as my little one likes the peekaboo window at the top but is trying to push the hood back to see to the sides.

Penny: I honestly do not think there is anything I would change about this pram. It is a great all rounder and meets all the requirements you would need for a young baby to a toddler. It caters for all! I really do think this is a winner. The accessories that come with it are great and do not think there is anything I would change about those either!

Emily: I would make the product to be more personalised. I would add more storage (a shopping bag, extra clips that are personalised to the buggy and smaller storage places for a phone etc). I would like a cup holder for my son's bottle. It would be great if the colours could be personalised. If you could change the colour of the handlebars and the colour of the hood and seat. The product is quite plain which in ways makes it look stylish and sleek but mums do like to have a buggy that feels personal to them.

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