Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System Review

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by Catriona Watson |

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At a glance:

The Balios S 3-in-1 Travel System is suitable from birth with a full lie-flat position. The one-hand folding mechanism and compact self-stand making storing the travel system easy. It can be used parenting-facing or forward-facing and has a one-hand reclining mechanism. It features an extra large sun canopy, a spacious shopping basket and a leg rest. The big all-terrain wheels deliver smooth suspension and the front swivel wheels can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Grace: This travel system makes life as a mum so much easier. Having a pram or buggy that is safe, easy to manoeuvre, comfortable for your child, adjustable, comfortable for you to use, easy to fold away, easy to get in and out of places with plenty of storage and the added bonus of it looking stylish is essential and can really improve the quality of your life as a parent. The ease of transport, setting up and adaptability of design help to make the usual daily activities that much simpler.

Carmel: Yes. We found it easy to use and comfortable for the children with easy to use features like the recliner. the footrest and the canopy/hood. The harness was good to keep our son secured in the seat. Our only challenge was in folding down the main frame which seemed to need a certain combination of buttons, force and action that we found it difficult to master.

Rebecca: I would recommend this due to the adjustable handlebar making it comfortable to push for all heights. It drives easily and is light. It has good suspension which absorbs bumps well. The basket underneath is small but easy to access due to the high up seat. The seat reclines to a nearly flat position which is incredibly important for younger babies who sleep more. The seat is easily released to change from forward to back-facing. The seat is high so you can still talk to your baby when sitting down.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kathryn: The safety straps are easy to fasten which makes life much easier when rushing to safely strap my son into the car. To then be able to transfer the car seat on to the pram base makes transferring on to foot much easier. The pushchair is easy to collapse and quickly put up, even using only one hand. There is also a spacious basket for everything that you need when going out for the day.

Sarah: The interchangeable parts of the pram are great. It makes life a lot easier without having to have a million different adaptors and fiddly bits when changing from car seat to seat. It’s a bit clunky getting the parts clipped in properly and the car seat took a few goes as it needed to be lined up properly before it would attach. When the baby is in the seat this is a bit tricky.

Steve: The Balios travel system makes life very easy as it allows me to easily travel with my son. The pushchair folds easily and handles well, even with one hand. This is particularly handy when dealing with a toddler as well as a baby. My son is comfortable in all three components, which makes it much easier if we need to leave any part at home.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lorena: I like the fact that this pushchair offers a lot of positives for the price. Firstly it is a complete system. The quality is not compromised compared to the more expensive leading brands. This really stands out as important to me. Not all parents can afford the large prices of some pushchairs that are available. However, all of us need a travel system that makes us feel proud, confident and is practical. This product made me feel just that. It was stylish, yet simple. Comfortable and practical. It was a pleasure to use.

Leanne: Yes I would choose this product as it is a great affordable system. It is good value for money. It is a nice clean, looking item with simple usable features which provide good structural and safe support from baby through to toddler. I think this should win for overall affordability, design and functionality. It is a great brand.

Stephanie: I think it should win because it is an amazing travel system with excellent features and design. I love that it is lightweight, well made and appears comfortable for my baby and my toddler. I love how simple it is to make adjustments to the pushchair. The car seat is easy to carry and it offers extra side impact protection. It is easy to install. I can fit it all in my car! I love the safety feature that the pushchair will not go forward immediately after removing the break if pressure was applied.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: It’s probably best for someone with a small baby. The seat is relatively small for an older child. It is wider than my current pushchair and this could be a problem for some. However, the better wheels and suspension are the trade-off. The folding mechanism isn’t very easy, even when you read the instructions as you do it. I’ve folded many pushchairs and really struggled with this one. However, once you know how to do it, it is easy.

Nicola: It is difficult to choose something to change about this travel system. I was very impressed with it. One thing I did find was the pram was heavy when lifting in and out of the boot. It does not come with a rain cover which I feel you expect to come as standard when buying a pram. It is an additional cost you may not factor in.

Grace: If I could change one thing about this product it would be the range of aesthetics. The black/grey colour is chic and stylish but may not suit everyone’s taste. Marketing a range of colours or styles might increase its popularity. The other improvement would be to include the cocoon cushion support into the price of the 3-in-1 travel system for parents on a budget, rather than as an additional accessory. It is a better design for newborns than the seat alone because it supports baby’s neck and spine.

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