Aldi Mamia Breakfast Pouch – Mango & Peach Review

from Aldi Mamia
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Mamia Breakfast Pouch - Mango & Peach
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Aldi Mamia Breakfast Pouch - Mango & Peach at a glance:

These pouches are not only incredible value for money, they are super convenient for on-the-go meals. With a range of food groups in each different pouch, and a long sell by date to make buying in bulk easier, these little pouches are a game-changer!

How did this product make your life easier?

Tiffany: This product is great for a busy mum. It’s in a handy pouch that is easy to squirt into a bowl at home and warm through if necessary or squirt straight onto the spoon if you’re out and about. I can grab it straight from the cupboard and chuck in my bag and know I have a nutritious meal handy. It lasts in the cupboard for ages so I don’t need to worry about it going out of date too soon.

Emma: I dont usually buy Food pouches for my little one so this was a product I have never used before. I did however find this quite versatile and was helpful to have to add to breakfast. My daughter loved the taste and I often used it to encourage her to eat things that she wouldn’t usually like such as putting it on top of porridge fingers. I also found it very useful to use for flavouring foods such as porridge to make them more enjoyable and was so much easier to grab this than have to make a fruit purée to do this.

Donna: This product can make mum life easier because it is already made and on the sweet side so can be eaten cold or at room temperature without needing to be heated.  The pouch itself has quite a narrow straw like opening, which makes it simple to pour out and virtually mess free, until baby gets hold of it of course.  My son is more keen on baby led eating rather than purees so I used this mixture to make breakfast ice lollies.  The yoghurt and rice content gave them a lovely consistency and the flavour made them refreshing.  Great alternative to breakfast and a healthy snack

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Donna: I would recommend this product to other mother’s who are starting the weaning on to food process with their babies.  The flavours used are appealing and a good combination; my son seemed to like it very much, especially the tartness.  The pouch is sealed and good for transporting; because of the screw top it gives confidence of a no leakage situation.  The product is also light and small, which means it sits nicely in a handbag as an on the go option. The price is also fantastic.

Virginia: I would recommend this product mainly to parents who choose to traditionally wean their children. However I can see it useful even in baby led weaning as it can be added to other foods very easily eg yoghurt or could be frozen as a sweet healthy treat. It is easy to transport for taking on outings or travelling.

Emma: I feel that this product is very good value for money and much cheaper than a lot of similar products on the market. It’s very easy to use as you can just squeeze it straight from the pouch for a quick breakfast or snack. My daughter also seemed to really enjoy eating it. I would recommend friends to try this especially for a breakfast on the go.

Would you choose this product to win?

Virginia: This product had a nice combination of flavours and it is good having additional ingredients to just having fruit. I have not sampled other pouches for comparison but feel the packaging is appealing. The product was enjoyed by all the family for both breakfast and also a snack so I would not just limit it to baby use.

Tiffany: I would definitely recommend. The price is amazing and I always buy them anyway to have in the cupboard when you don’t have something prepared. The portion size is perfect too, it acts as a complete meal or can go over two days as a dessert or snack. I love that it states the weaning stage on the front of the packet.

Emma: I have never bought pouches before however after using this one I will be buying them again. I feel that this one is very good value for money and would definitely buy them again. I would buy these pouches again rather than another brand as I felt they were nutritious and very much enjoyed by my daughter.

What changes would you make to this product?

Whitney: The only thing that was an issue for me was the fact that they packaging isn’t easily recycled. I know that this is an issue across most baby food pouches and there are options to recycle them but not through most local authorities. Otherwise the pouches are great and I was really impressed with them.

Emma: The only issue I had with this product is that the first mouthful squeezed from the pouch was very watery. This happened even if I were to squeeze the pouch prior to using to try and mix the contents. However of feel that this is a very small issue and would not prevent me from buying this product in the future.

Tiffany: If I could change one thing about this product, it would be to make the packaging recyclable. Packaging really needs to be recyclable in this day and age. With pouches being so easy and cheap to buy and use, we are throwing so many packets away. It would be great if they could be recycled or used again in some way?!

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