Aldi Mamia Strawberry & Apple Oaty Bars Review

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Aldi Mamia Strawberry & Apple Oaty Bars
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Aldi Mamia Strawberry & Apple Oaty Bars at a glance:

These soft organic oat flake and raisin paste bars are flavoured with apple and strawberry juice concentrate making them a100% Organic snack for your tot.

How did this product make your life easier?

Linzi: It is a good snack for on the go and for between meal times. It’s not too flakey like other oat bars I have tried so it’s not too messy in the pram or car seat. It’s also not too sticky and doesn’t stain clothes if she spills it. It’s a good way to get some fruit into my little girl as well so it’s a win for me.

Julie: Easy and convenient snacks for both my 4 year old and 1 year old. Good shelf life so easy to carry in a bag or keep in the car for when needed. Not too large so a suitable size for them to eat as a snack without stopping them from eating their dinner. Nice that they consider the ingredients and that they are organic.

Zumra: So much fun! I don't know a single toddler that doesn't love the Gruffalo! My girl absolutely loves The Gruffalo and was so excited when I have her a packet of these. I would say they don't have as much flavour as some of the other snacks but the characters make up for that! My daughter plays with the biscuits while eating them and always finishes the pack!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum due to how handy they are to have in the cupboard as a easy go to snack or when out and about. My daughter really enjoyed trying them. They are very convenient to pop into your bag when heading out the door and offer an easy, on the go snack for an active toddler. They are a good size enabling her to hold it easily to feed to herself. They are 100% organic and have a lower sugar content than some other similar products which are available. The bars are soft and easily chewable without any large lumps so there are no concerns over choking.

Sonal: I would recommend the product to other mums because it is compact and of nutritional value so I can take it on trips with me as an item to feed the baby without feeling guilty that it has different additives that aren't good for the baby. Also, I like the fact that there is limited salt and sugar content added to the product.

Samantha: I would definitely recommend these to other parents. They are affordable, come in different flavours and are made with organic ingredients. The kids do not seem to get fed up having them. Perfect size for a quick treat. The packaging is easy to get into and I found the product didn't create to many crumbs or mess.

Would you choose this product to win?

Samantha: I would choose Mamia Strawberry and Apple Oaty Bars over others because it is priced well, has healthy ingredients and is the perfect size for a snack. I can put them into lunches and picnics and the children are really happy to have one. I think they offer good value for money and should win for being affordable.

Roisin: I would gladly buy these again, only negative from a purchasing point of view is that it is an Aldi brand and I rarely go to actual shops and tend to rely on food deliveries. It has similar selling points to other snacks of a similar type which all tend to be quite high in sugar (7.2g per bar) but has the benefit of being cheaper.

Vanessa: I would choose these definitely! For myself and for my son ! They are nutritional and really easy to eat ! I have one of my friends children and they loved them too! Hope to see these on the shelves soon so I can buy some more!

What changes would you make to this product?

Julie: Although the snacks are easy and convenient with organic ingredients at an affordable price I'm very concerned about the rise of single use plastic in our culture and this was something my 4 year old commented on when eating them. If Aldi could find a way to package these in recyclable packaging then they would be perfect.

Sonal: If I could change one thing about the product, it would be to add more vegetable content in to the products. I would suggest a 50:50 ratio balance of fruits for sweetness and flavour balanced with vegetable content so a variety of nutrients go in to my toddler. Also, then I can use it more often.

Rebecca: If possible, a reduction in the sugar content of the product would be good however I appreciate this may not be possible due to the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit. The main thing would recommend changing is that I would like to see a greater range of flavours available to offer some variety to my toddler or another option for those which do not like the strawberry and apple flavour.

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