Babease Stage 2 Vegetable Led Meals Review

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Babease Stage 2 Vegetable Led Meals
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Babease 'adding texture' range of vegetable-led recipes are perfect to introduce your little one to new flavours and textures. Stage 2 recipes use a wider range of ingredients in yummy combinations to expand your baby's palate. Available in five different flavours, they are all organic, suitable for vegetarians, dairy-free, gluten-free and contain no added salt or sugar.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Michelle: Yes I would definitely recommend. They are portable, healthy and convenient. You know the babies are getting a healthy meal and it really takes the pressure off me. The pouches can be stored and transported well and can be thrown in the nappy bag as an emergency meal if needed when out and about.

Lauren: I would recommend them as the pouch design is easy to use, quick, efficient and leaves a minimal mess. The flavours are brilliant and unlike any other baby foods on the market that tend to stick to 'traditional tastes', this widens the palates of weaning babies from the get-go.

Catherine: I loved this product. My baby loved the different flavours. It was great to be able to let my baby try mild spicy flavours and healthy organic ingredients in such a convenient package. I felt as though I was providing a healthy, well-balanced meal for him even when I didn’t cook it myself. The packaging was perfect and it was easy for me to feed him/for him to feed himself.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amanda: The combination of flavours/recipes were fantastic and enjoyed both hot and cold, making meals on the go easy and enjoyable. The product is easy to use with little/no preparation needed beforehand. I knew my child was having a fantastic range of new foods and combinations.

Jessica: This product makes life easier as they are easy to carry around or to keep in the cupboard. As they don't have to be heated they are quick and easy to use without a fuss. There is a good amount of food inside each pouch and I found one pouch lasted 2 plentiful meals when kept in the fridge.

Louise: These pouches look high quality and the list of ingredients are different to others on the market. They stand out as wholesome and organic so I feel less guilty about feeding my baby a pouch rather than a home cooked dinner. They are great for at home or on the go. The lid allows me to reseal it if he hasn’t eaten it all.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: This product should win because unlike others, it is not just vegetables disguised with fruit. Every meal had a wide range of healthy ingredients, things I might not have thought to try with my daughter, like quinoa and spices. She really loved the savoury flavours and I felt better that I wasn't feeding her sugary fruit-based meals.

Lauren: Yes, I would. This product is easy to use and virtually mess-free. I was impressed by the variety of flavours and my child absolutely loved the combinations. I understand that these foods are organic which is a huge selling point for a mum who wants to avoid e-numbers and additives but doesn't have the time to cook and prep these foods themselves.

Louise: The product in my opinion, is market leading. The ingredients are high-end and you feel that you are giving your baby lots of goodness and nutrients. It eases the guilt associated with serving packaged baby food.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine: The only thing I would change is the fact that it is not possible to microwave the package. The packaging has to be metallic in order to maintain freshness but it is a shame that I have to serve it at room temperature.

Lauren: The packaging is not the brightest or most eye-catching on the shelves in stores. They could be overlooked in stores with mums drawn to brighter, more eye-catching products.

Michelle: I would make the packaging recyclable. Apart from that, I can think of no other way to improve this product. We thoroughly enjoyed trying them out and will be frequent customers of this product from now on.

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