Babycup First Cups Review

from Babycup
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

Babycup First Cups at a glance:

Babycup’s Baby First Cups are great for teaching little ones to drink from a cup without a lid. They are perfectly sized for little hands and mouths but only dispense liquid in small amounts, which could be frustrating for some children. Once little ones have mastered the art of sipping, they will quickly outgrow the First Cup, which makes one wonder if the investment is worth it. What is great about the product is that it is designed to allow babies to transition from breast/bottle straight to cup, skipping the whole ‘sippy-cup’ process, and for this reason, as well as its functionality, the First Cup is recommended as good value for money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: This product makes my life easier as a mum as its teaching my 16month old how to drink from an open cup from a very early age. We were using the 360 and straw cups and now we have these in the mix. Hoping soon we can reduce the number of plastic bottles, beakers and alike from filling up my cupboards.

Hayley: I wouldn't say this product makes my life easier as a mum because when learning to sip there are still lots of spillages or just fully tipping it down themselves, however saying that it's all part of growing up and for your little one to become more independent. I found my little girl loves using these sippy cups, I'm guessing she feels more grown-up just like her brother. Also as a mother, you can see your child moving forward from the baby stage.

Kimberley: It did not make my life easier, unfortunately, my daughter used the cup on multiple occasions and every time tipped up cup upside down on the table and played with the water. I do see the logic in the cup with it being small but it did in fact make like more difficult as I had to clean the mess up each time. They did however make good feeding pots, they were a handy size for putting snacks in and yoghurt for my little one to feed herself.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Clare: I would totally recommend these baby first cups to other mums because they are great at teaching little ones how to drink from an open cup. These are just the right size for their cute little hands and are so small they only hold a small amount of water so they can pick up with control and be able to sip from the cup.

Hayley: I wouldn't say it's a product I would highly recommend just because of the spillages although saying that if your baby is in a highchair then it's not so much of an issue, and perhaps done on its own without food so your baby can just concentrate on the cup. I do love the way it's designed and all the different colours of the cups, easy to wash and safe to sterilize. They are easy to store away in your cupboard because they are small.

Kimberley: I loved the colours and the packaging was smart and eye-catching but I would not recommend these to friends or other mums. Unfortunately for their intended purpose I think an older child may get the gist of what they are supposed to be doing with it. My daughter is 15 months old and thought it was a game to put the water on the table and then to play with it. She has found self feeding and drinking easier with cups that have a lid / are sappy / have a straw.

Would you choose this product to win?

Clare: These cups are great and stand out from other products on the market as they teach little ones how to drink from open cups rather than closed cups or beakers. This also encourages their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The cups are just the right size for little hands and also have measurements on the sides so you can gauge how much baby has drank.

Hayley: I'm really not sure I would choose this product over any others on the market it's just not something I used for my first child so I still feel whatever you choose your child will eventually learn to use a cup by themselves. The product does standout by all the different colours and it is the perfect perfect size for your infant. The product does help their motor skills and independence which as parents we should always encourage.

Kimberley: No. For its intended purpose, I did not find the product useful, I would only buy these with the intent to use them for weaning pots, and even then there is no lid which means using more cling film etc for storing in the fridge. There are more suitable products on the market for weaning and also cups that have lids which seem to work better for my daughter.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: There isn’t much to change about this product. It does exactly what it sets out to do. The cups are great for little hands, have measurements on the sides and are in fun bright colours that the little ones enjoy drinking from. These are fast becoming a staple at our dinner table and my little one feels very grown-up drinking from these.

Hayley: There isn't anything I would change about this product I think it's quite perfect the way they are designed. Ultimately this is a really good product for mum's that want their infant to learn and to become more independent. I think it's really well designed and also the perfect size for your little ones fingers, and with the small rim it's perfect for their little mouths too. They are perfect to store away in your cupboard.

Kimberley: It would be a fundamental design change for me and that being a lid / some form of sappy nature to it, maybe even a rim where it makes it more difficult for the water to be easily poured - like covers half the cup but not the whole of it? But something that means the water does not go everywhere. Thankfully they are only small so the damage is not huge but it does add to an already messy mealtime!

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