Babymoov Nutribaby(+) XL Review

from Babymoov
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The Babymoov Nutribaby does everything – steams, blends and defrosts baby food, and even warms/sterilises bottles. An LCD screen makes it simple to use, and it’s easy to clean. The layered steamer basket lets you cook foods for different lengths of time at the same time, and we love that the steamer and blender units are separate.

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleni: This product allows me to make healthy food for my baby quickly and easily without taking up a large amount of space on my kitchen top. I like how the steamer allows the cooking water to be collected and incorporated into the puree so you can retain flavour and nutrients. This product is easy to clean and almost all the parts can be put in the comes with a mini-spatula which is really good at removing all food from the blender, reducing waste and making cleaning the device easier. The capacity of the basket is large so you can steam enough fruits/vegetables/meat for the whole family which is perfect for baby-led weaning and saves time. The blender has three different settings depending on the consistency of puree desired and this has been helpful for adding texture to meals as my baby grows The functions for defrosting and reheating are excellent and means that I can avoid using a microwave. This means less guess-work and safer meal preparation.

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Luci: The product is easy to use and it's handy having a multi-use product such as this in the kitchen. It's not only great for baby but the adults too. The product is useful and it’s convenient to have one product which steams, sterilises, warms, defrosts, blends and heats. It’s encouraged me to be a bit more inventive with my baby’s meals. We have been doing BLW, so it was a positive challenge to combine purees within my cooking which has been great for adding in fruits and veggies to baby's diet. You can steam so many food items and I’ve made good use of it to cook a wider variety of food groups which I wouldn’t have considered steaming before. We don’t bottle feed but for parents who are, this product also sterilises and warms bottles.

Clare: I used the Nutribaby for steaming veg and blending. A really useful function to be able to set up and leave when chasing the toddler around. Much more preferable to steaming veg on the hob then forgetting about it and dealing with soggy veg! Also made better use of leftovers blending into sauces for pasta and freezing for later date. More time and less food waste I like the option to collect the nutrient-rich steaming water and use in sauces etc. It's a useful compact design and a big bonus that it is dishwasher friendly.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Tessa: Looks really smart, I was happy to leave it out on the worktop and didn’t feel like I needed to hide it in a cupboard. Really good when baby is eating more and can use all layers to make a meal. Steaming keeps the goodness in the food rather than boiling veg. A blender would be good when first starting weaning, maybe get it earlier than we did - from 6 months. Great design with clear timer on the front. Also, I liked the recipes that came with it.

Catherine: It's stylish, sleek design which fits nicely on the kitchen surface with an easy to read, large display. Able to expand the steaming space to enable larger items to be steamed – has been useful for baby and us! Equally well can divide the steaming area into compartments and cook multiple different items at once to save time. Already had a blender, but the benefit of this one is that there is a “steam exit” so you can blend things whilst still hot. Additionally can blend and steam at the same time which is useful as any time-saving gadget is always appreciated by a busy mum! Has the capability to warm bottles and sterilise bottles which we haven’t used as our baby is an avid bottle refuser, but would definitely come in handy if required and means you have fewer baby products as this does it all in one.

Craig: This product looks brilliant. The design is very sleek and stylish and is a lovely colour. It is very easy to assemble and dismantle to clear and there are no little fiddly bits that are hard to reach. It's very simple to use and the digital display for the timer is a great feature that makes timings easy to work with.

Would you choose this product to win?

Zeba: The fact that it is multi-use with the steamer trays providing 4 different levels is great and makes it a great product compared to others of a similar nature in the market due to the fact that you can cook various foods separately. I would choose this product above others as it is both a blender and steamer which is helpful.

Lisa: I think it’s been well thought through. I would certainly choose this over other similar products as the design is sleek, intuitive and space-saving. It has great functionality, easy to use and adapt to what you need (for instance being able to make the small steam baskets into larger ones with a removable middle tray) and unlike some others, everything can go through the dishwasher. Others have been too big or small, this one comes in at the perfect size and has a decent blade that is effective and efficient.

Jen: At first I thought the Nutribaby was expensive, but it does have a lot of functions so I feel it is worth the money. It’s very handy having just one product rather than lots of separate ones. Having used this product I would struggle without it! I’m able to make tasty nutritious baby meals without any pouches.

What changes would you make to this product?

Reema: Although the product has been a staple on my worktop, if it could break down more easily for storage parts that would be fantastic. It would also be great if it came with a travel bag/box so that you could take it away if you were going on a local break as it really is a useful piece of apparatus that I really enjoy using.

Tessa: I noticed in the manual there is a section in the table but that hasn’t been translated properly, I think it’s in French? I don’t know if the number of bits can be reduced to save on the washing up? I have used the steam setting and blender, does it need all the other functions - would be interesting to know what other people thought of all the other settings.

Luci: The Nutribaby + XL needs a removable tray to empty leftover water from steaming. Currently, the whole base has to be tipped upside down to empty the water out down the sink. A couple of times I have tried to empty the liquid by picking the base up holding onto the handle of the blender, which subsequently detached and I almost dropped the base.