Bibetta Weaning Pack Review

from Bibetta
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Bibetta weaning pack offers parents a collection of easy-to-clean weaning products to make feeding easier and to take you throughout the whole weaning journey. The pack contains a coordinating UltraBib, UltraBib with Sleeves and Placemat with pocket. Made out of neoprene, known for softness and keeping its shape, with an absorbent top layer and waterproof rubber middle. All products have a flip-out pocket to catch dropped food and can be used in and out of the home in highchairs or at a table.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sharon: I would thoroughly recommend these products. They come in funky designs that appeal to your baby and brighten up mealtimes. They are waterproof and made of neoprene that is machine washable. It does wash well, no matter what the mess. The bibs are soft and comfortable to wear, particularly important for my baby’s sensitive skin. They are highly transportable, tucking up into their pocket into a neat bundle, ready to use out and about. This ensures a clean and hygienic surface wherever you go.

Lauren: The Bibetta Weaning Pack is an excellent product that mums should have when weaning. I found the product was durable, washable and easy to use. All three items were easy to transport. The product is easy to wash and is easy to use. It is made of soft, thick neoprene so is waterproof and it has foldable sections at the bottom to catch any spilt food. These features make this item perfect for baby led weaning. This product is quite innovative and is unlike anything available on the market and retails at a reasonable price.

Emma: This product is easy to transport and folds up neatly into the change bag to take out with us. It’s very easy to wipe clean and can also go in the washing machine with other bibs without impacting the colour of the product. The placemat provides a clean area to put food on for my son immediately and it is very useful.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: I would recommend this product because it is stylish, simple to use and does exactly what it is meant to do. The material feels high quality and the pocket catches all the food that my baby drops. It is very easy to clean and the bibs have been covered in all sorts of food and once washed have come out looking brand new. The colour is vibrant and the overall design is great. it is simple to fold and keep in my change bag or in the kitchen for whenever I need it.

Zahrah: I'm not really a bib fan but I really loved the Bibetta. The placemat is very handy for taking to restaurants. I never find that they clean the highchairs properly and this just makes things so much more convenient and hygienic all round. All three bibetta products were so easy to wash too which is handy for busy mums like me.

Samantha: Out of all the products I have tested this is my absolute favourite! I absolutely love this product. It is so quick and easy to use and easy to clean. I have saved washing and throwing out clothes that I might have done due to stains. I love the fact it catches food at the bottom of the bib as my son loves collecting his food back out of this.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: Yes I definitely would choose this product above any others on the market. This is a winner in my eyes. I love the look of it. Some bibs look garish whereas this looks expensive and I prefer the fabric.

Sharon: I would choose this product above all others. These bibs are extremely durable and not flimsy. The pocket at the bottom is able to catch any mess and keep our floor clean! The funky design appeals to baby and mother alike and makes them stand out. They are also soft to the touch and don’t irritate my baby’s sensitive skin. They do a great job of staying on the baby too, unlike others currently on the market.

Lauren: For me, the usability and durability of this item stands out over other items on the market. The material it is made from ensures that it is waterproof. It is wipeable and easy to transport even when messy. It folds up into itself which is perfect for busy mums on the go.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: If anything were to be improved about this product it would be to include a Velcro strap or popper to secure the placemat together once it’s folded up. It can unravel. It would also be useful to be able to put the bib and the map in the tumble dryer. Other than the above it is a great product.

Kate: I honestly cannot see anything that would improve this. It is easy to clean and does exactly what you would want it to do. After washing, it comes out looking brand new again and the colour doesn’t fade at all. I would be proud to use this product and have recommended it to others. The long sleeved version is my personal favourite as it gives complete coverage.

Rebecca: Nothing. The product is fab. I love all three products and they are winners in my eyes. They are comfortable for my baby, they wash easily, they look great and they make cleaning up at dinner time much easier. I love the mat for when I’m out and about as I can put food on it without worrying about how clean/hygienic the surface or highchair is.

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