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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The ClevaFeed is the perfect way to introduce your baby to fresh solid foods. It is a safe way of teaching your little one to eat fruit, vegetables and cooked meals while having fun with the safe feeder pacifier which reduces the risk of choking. The BPA-free, hygienic silicone teat makes it easier to clean than mesh food feeders and is useful and versatile. It is suitable for six months onwards while your little one goes through the teething phase.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Melissa: I loved the silicone net on this product. Similar ones I have seen on the market are made from mesh which does not look as easy to clean and is likely to stain. The silicone on the ClevaFeed looked better on my babies gums than the mesh alternative. This would make me recommend ClevaFeed over similar products on the market. When looking specifically at the travel category, I liked the cover provided so I could fill this at home and take it with me ready filled with a snack for my baby.

Catrina: I would recommend this product to a friend. It comes with a spare teat and a cap so you can fill it with food of your choice before you go out. It is very easy to use and requires no instructions. It is very easy to clean, unlike some others I have bought in the past. It's great for slightly harder fruits like melon, mango or strawberries and the ring size is fab for little hands. I do wonder how easy it would be to unscrew for older children but then I would presume they would be on to fingers foods by that point anyway.

Tasneem: I’d definitely recommend this product. When you start weaning, babies have not yet mastered chewing/swallowing so this is an easy way to introduce different types of food to the baby until they are more confident. I used this for two weeks and it made the introduction to eating easier. It is easy to clean and the size of the holes in the teat allow enough food through but not too much. The product handle is easy to hold for both me and my baby and he definitely enjoyed it. The lid included makes it easy to take on-the-go.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: This is a fantastic way of keeping food in a place where it can be eaten. No more fruit sliding out of sticky fingers and onto the floor. You still get some mess but they are in control of what goes in their mouth. Ingenious use of the ‘milking a cow’ technique, gets the food through the holes and easily digestible and saves all the effort of chewing and sucking with all the fun of hands-on feeding. The handle acts as both a teether and a control mechanism whilst the silicone food holder gives flexibility and easy cleaning. A real success.

Lucy: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum if they are weaning for the first time and worried about choking. Although it doesn’t look particularly stylish it is very practical. It is large enough for my baby to hold himself, is easily cleaned, can be sterilised and transported easily with the cap on. My little boy enjoys getting food out through the holes in the teat and can clamp down on them with his gums which provides a little relief when teething.

Rachel: If you were following a traditional weaning approach with your little one then I can see how this would be useful. It introduces new flavours to them without having to make a purée or mash food up. You can feel more confident about offering foods which would otherwise be considered a choking hazard (such as grapes). It’s really easy to take apart, fill, and reassemble. It separates easily to clean which is always an important consideration when your time is precious!

Would you choose this product to win?

Claire: Yes I would definitely use this feeder again. It is such a good idea and makes it nice and safe in the early weaning days. Little ones can get used to the taste and texture of solid foods without the worry of them choking on big bits of fruit. The simple colourful design is perfect. Overall, a great product!

Amy: I do think this product should win. A lot of the other fresh food feeders are mesh which has caused issues in the past (sucking the net in too far and gagging). The silicone design has eliminated this. The holes made it easy for my little one to suck and bite the food out. A lot of the other products don’t come with a spare feeder, meaning you have to wash after every use. This makes it stand out. It would be great if there were other colours/designs available.

Maria: I would choose this product because it is very practical, easy to clean, easy to put back together, the perfect travel size and colourful for the baby. The baby thinks it is a toy giving them some control over their feeding. I feel it is also a good introduction to using cutlery.

What changes would you make to this product?

Melissa: The only thing I’d change is to make it available in different designs (although I do like that it’s gender neutral). The other recommendation I would make is to include a list of possible foods to try in the ClevaFeed as this was a bit of trial and error for us when we first used the product.

Catrina: I would change the size of the teat. Perhaps making the second teat bigger so it could be used for older babies. My daughter has just turned six-months-old and she managed to chomp away very successfully on the small piece of melon I put inside. I do worry how sturdy the screw mechanism is to keep the fruit in place. However, I'm always with my child so can keep a close eye on that.

Tasneem: I would change the size of the teat. The small teat is good but if there were varying sizes then that would help as you cannot fit a lot in it. My son would usually eat through whatever I had placed into the teat fairly quickly meaning I had to refill it with fruit often.

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