EasyTots EasyMat Mini Review

from Easy Tots
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The EasyMat mini is EasyTot's best-selling suction plate for your little one's first foods all the way to 24 months. Easy to take with you, the EasyMat mini also comes with 4 suction cups, folding sides, sealed lid and carry case.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ellen: I really liked this product. The compartments are all of a good size and depth. This helped my little one to get the food ion the spoon herself. If a cold didn’t like their food mixing this is also great as they can be separated. The mat is really sticky so baby hasn’t managed to throw it on the floor yet which means meal times aren’t as messy!

Megan: This makes feeding my little one so much easier both at home and when we go out. The lovely rounded compartments are perfect for baby fingers both with soups and with finger foods, the handy zip lock bag, and plastic lid means that it is great to take out with you either pre-filled or empty. The suction pads grip so well you can pick up the empty high chair with the tray and little fingers have not been able to loosen them despite many attempts! It cleans beautifully and has resisted staining from curry and tomato sauce and you can even pop it in the dishwasher. Since using it my little one has been eating much more independently and needing less entertainment at meal times. The tray fits on all the high chairs we have tested it on and just makes life so much easier!

Tracy: It compartmentalises the food so my toddler can pick and choose what he eats and things are kept separate. I feel that it really did encourage my toddler to eat more as he enjoyed looking at the different foods neatly separated on his mat, and sometimes he moved things around into the different compartments when he fancied it. The edges around the main compartment were the perfect height for my toddler to push against with his cutlery in order to pick up food whilst ensuring that things don't get spilled over too much. I like that it is made of out silicone so that it is easy to clean, but it can also be used to bake straight in the oven (we baked eggs in them, and it looked a very happy face). We don't use a dishwasher so have not tried, but normally just rinse and wash with soap and water with no issue. Going out for meals was so easy with this.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elizabeth: I would recommend this to others because of its ease of use and clean. Also, this is great right from starting to wean and onwards as we always found we could not give our baby a plate or bowl because it would get thrown on the floor. I have found that my daughter enjoys having different foods in different compartments. It is also great for parents tot to be able to take it out and about but also my daughter would often not finish her meal but with the lid, this could just be saved for later without any worry of trying to find cling film or having to throw away food. The fact it doesn't harbour bacteria is a big plus as parents do worry about this factor.

Rachel: The product is very useful for eating when out and about if you are unsure of how hygienic a public high chair or table may be. This is also useful at home to separate different food groups and encourage me to prepare a balanced meal. The product is easy to wipe clean, lightweight and very portable.

Lauren: I loved how it folded down and into the bag case it came with. It was easy to find in the changing bag and easy to clean. I'd say when out and about its super handy to have ready for impromptu meals out knowing it was clean and safe hygienically for my son to eat off. The cold colours really attracted my son's attention and initially made it easy at mealtimes.

Would you choose this product to win?

Megan: Yes, it’s the ability to fit on a wide range of high chair trays and other surfaces means that you can be sure you can use it out of there house. The strong suction pads are amazing, the colours are attractive and stain-resistant and I love how cleverly they have thought through making it portable for trips out - this is obviously designed by a clever mum and my baby has eaten really well since using it.

Tracy: I like that it fits most high chairs, as I do not own the famed Ikea Antilop. It requires a little bending to fit onto my current high chair which has a smaller tray than the Antilop, but it does not seem to have affected its suction capability. The 4 little suction cups on it has been excellent so far, although my toddler has learned to pull on the sides to lift the mat away it still requires a fair amount of force and most of the time the mat remains on the high chair tray despite his best attempts, unlike the flat suction mats that require contact with the entire surface. I have found with other silicone-based products stain quickly with tomato/oil-based sauces but have yet to have this issue with the Easymat despite almost daily use over a month and the almost weekly bolognese/curry/some form of sauce based food. The portability of this product is also a definite plus.

Ellen: After using this product for a while, I think I would coincide it over others. I think it’s very practical and durable so warrants the higher price. I think it’s great for when the baby is first starting to learn how to use a spoon. When the baby is a bit older and moving towards a ceramic plate then I think this product isn’t suitable as it’s not similar enough to get them used to move forward.

What changes would you make to this product?

Megan: It is hard to think of any ways that it could be improved. The design is excellent and it is totally fit for purpose. The colours available are attractive with both bright colours and more subtle classy ones being available and the function is excellent. I guess maybe more colours so I can justify buying more extras?

Elizabeth: I do think on the whole this mat is brilliants, I am not sure if there is the bigger version which differs form this but the small compartments being a bit bigger would be great for us as we can't fit much into the smaller compartments. The only other thing would be if it was possible to get it to stick to other surfaces because it doesn't stick to our dining table.

Rachel: The product does not stick particularly well to a high chair mat or table so it is easy for older babies to pick up the whole mat and throw it on the floor, which is messy and frustrating. The suction mechanism could be improved or consider adding a strap that would secure beneath the high chair tray or dining surface.

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