Little Dish Toddler Meals Review

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Little Dish
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by Bryony Firth-Bernard |

Little Dish Toddler Meals at a glance: 

Little Dish is the market leader in fresh toddler food. Found in the fridge and not on the shelf, we make fresh, perfectly nutritionally balanced meals to nourish growing bodies and minds. Our range of 13 delicious meals - including the UK's first plant-based fresh toddler meals - is full of the exciting tastes and textures of real food. Every recipe is nutritionist-approved, made from 100% natural ingredients, and is free from additives, preservatives and added salt and sugar. Ready in minutes, Little Dish makes it easy for parents to give their child nutritious, fresh food that tastes as good as homemade.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?  

Sidrah: This product is great for those parents who are busy and want to give their child a healthy and filling meal. It saves me time and energy cooking as I just need to put the food in the microwave so I have more time to spend with my family. It's good for those days when you dont feel like cooking as you can just take it out from the freezer and put it in the microwave.

Pippa: Little Dish makes life a lot less stressful and easier as a mum. It takes the worry out of what to give your little one for dinner/lunch. You can have them there ready to go, and they are so quick and easy to put on the table. So you can spend more time with your children, less time in the kitchen and know that they are getting a healthy balanced meal.

Elena: This product definitely makes those dinner and lunch times where everything is a rush so much easier. I loved how even if you used an oven to cook them, a nutritious meal could still be ready within 25 mins (less than 2 minutes in a microwave!) with very little work. My toddler really enjoyed these as his main meal whilst his sister was having her lunch at school making lunch times and dinner so much simpler!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nicola: I would definitely recommend these meals. They were easy and quick to cook, lots of variety and they tasted great according to my 2 year old. They can be frozen which is handy and the containers aren't very big so didn't take up much space. The magnets are very easy to pack up and travel with and she spent alot of time sticking them to our freezer and taking them back off again which meant I had time to sort out dinner etc.

Chelsea: I’d recommend these meals to other mums mostly because they are super nutritious and convenient; whether it be in the house when you’re short of time or just popping one quickly in the bag for a toddler lunch when you’re out visiting. It would take me hours in the house to make something like this and even then I couldn’t pack as much veg into it as Little Dish have. My picky toddler ate every scrap of all but one of the meals, and I had a sneaky bite and they were delicious, I could have eaten it all – nothing like the standard mushy baby meals. When in the house I sometimes served some small veg on the side and my toddler was very interested in the restaurant-worthy plate of food. When out and about I used the bowl - it came in to serve after heating which was handy.

Sidrah: I would recommend this as it's a quick and easy meal to prepare without all the fussing around in the kitchen. It's a small compact size and would not take up much room in the freezer. The feel and quality is that of an adults ready meal which is great. It is see-through so you can see the food and the design is simple.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Pippa: I would choose this product above others on the market for variety and for taste, it is the one my toddler likes to eat most. I have tried others in the past and she has not been interested. She loves the design and so is excited for dinner when I show her the packet. Also from my point of view the fact that it is developed with a nutritionist means I can feel safe in the knowledge that I am giving a well balanced meal to my child.

Elena: Whilst this product may be a little more expensive than some other comparable dishes on the market, I love how they are a fresh ready meal - stored in the chilled section as opposed to frozen or long life. The design is also bright, eye catching and child friendly. My son enjoyed picking out some more to try from the shop. He liked looking at the pictures of the ingredients to check he would like them! The packaging is also jam packed with information (as well as toddler games) letting parents know everything they can about the nutritional aspects, ingredients, and how many of their five a day your child will receive.

Nicola: There was a great choice with the meals and our daughter enjoyed most of them. They were easy to cook and the low salt/no added sugar was a great bonus with a toddler meal. The cool box has been invaluable and the great size has meant we've been able to fit a fair amount in. The magnets were very toddler appropriate and kept her entertained for a long time.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chelsea: At £2.30 per dish it’s perhaps a little pricy compared to things you can rustle up yourself but I recognise you’re paying for the convenience and quality. I think for the convenience and quality the £2.30 mark is acceptable value for money and priced right. However before I never tended to spend much on toddler food because it’s generally wasted. That would annoy me if she wasted the meal – but quite honestly with Little Dish though I’d end up eating it – it was delicious. There isn’t anything I could suggest to change apart from perhaps extending the variety of meals.

Sidrah: I think I would change the amount of plastic it has as I think it has too much and it doesn't need all the packaging. The outer paper gets removed, then there's the plastic on top and the tray as well. I think it needs to be a stronger tray and one which doesn't get that hot when cooking as well.

Pippa: I would have an image on the back of the product to show what the dish actually looks like so as to help my toddler choose which one (when she gets the option of two to choose from). The only other problem I have had is that when my toddler is fussy, she sometimes eats better if the meals are deconstructed, which is possible when making it yourself but not so easy with these.

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