Little Freddie Stage 2 High in Protein Meals Review

from Little Freddie
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

Little Freddie Stage 2 High in Protein Meals at a glance

The award-winning baby food range for weaning and beyond. Little Freddie's Stage 2 meals are not only high in protein but they are all made with real flavours, whether you've chosen yoghurt or a meal. These are a healthy family favourite to get your baby loving real foods.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katrina: Pouches in general make life easier for busy mums, but knowing the ingredients are organic makes me feel much better about feeding my little boy these. I try to make as many meals myself but this is not always easy, therefore this is where these pouches come in handy. I know that I am feeding my son a hearty and nutritious meal and he absolutely loves them. He hasn't refused one yet.

Dana: The main reason this product made my life easier is because my baby actually ate it! I had tried many other brands of baby food with no luck, but the flavours really seemed to appeal to them. I took a selection of these pouches on holiday and my baby was happy to eat them every evening, they are a perfect size for travelling with.

Rachael: Little Freddie pouches have a handy screw cap that you can put back on if your baby doesn’t eat a whole pack in one go, which also meant the half-eaten pouch didn’t make a massive mess in my bag. The pouches are also super easy to warm up, you just stand them in some hot water for a couple of minutes. So much quicker, easier and less messy than the baby food that comes in trays which need to go in the microwave and then cool down before eating.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rachael: I would recommend Little Freddie pouches to mums on the weaning journey because they smell and taste like proper food. I don’t know if others do this, but I taste prepared baby food before giving it to my daughter and many are quite tasteless compared to adult food, but Little Freddie pouches actually taste like real food, without the salt. I was really impressed that they included herbs and other flavoursome ingredients as I’m keen to introduce my 10 month old to a wide range of flavours in the hope she won’t become a fussy eater. They’re also super easy to warm up – just stand them in some hot water – and you can put the cap back on for later if the pouch isn’t eaten in one go. I took these out and about with me as they were easy to chuck in my bag and they were durable enough not to pop open and go everywhere.

Jessica: I would recommend these meals to anyone who has or cares for a baby 7 months+. They are so easy to take on the go or have at home. There is a wide choice of meals to choose from which are healthy and organic. It's important to us parents/carers that our babies are exploring all kinds of foods which these allows us to do.

Dana: I would absolutely recommend this product to others due to the appealing flavours and ease of use. I find these pouches really handy for eating out and about as you can heat them really easily and squeeze the contents straight into a bowl. The resealable pouch allowed me to use half and keep the rest for later if required.

Would you choose this product to win?

Dana: I would choose this product above all others purely based on the flavours available and ease of use. The packaging gives it the impression of being good quality and you feel safe in the knowledge that you are providing your baby with a healthy and substantial meal. I tried a couple of the meals myself and they taste better than other competitors I have tried.

Rachael: My baby really enjoyed the Little Freddie pouches and I felt better about giving them to her than some other brands or supermarket pouches because they smell and taste like real food, but they are more expensive than others on the market. They are a great convenient alternative to home cooked food because the ingredients are organic, and I love that they list everything that goes in there so you know exactly what your little one is eating. If I was giving my baby a pouch or more a day then Little Freddie would be too pricey for me, but for once or twice a week it’s definitely worth it. The quality is fantastic, and that's why I think Little Freddie should win over other pouches on the market.

Katrina: I would choose this above others as my son is a huge fan. There are a nice variety of flavours available and are very handy to keep in the changing bag for when you are out and about. I have also mixed this into pasta to make a baby led weaning meal which he loved to, they don't seem to stain either unlike some other brands.

What changes would you make to this product?

Dana: If I could change one thing about the product it would be that it is stocked in more stores to make it easier to pick up in the shops. There is nowhere that stocks it close to where I live and I feel more comfortable physically picking up my baby food in stores rather than ordering it from online retailers.

Katrina: The price is slightly more than other brands, however I tend to buy a few when I see they are on offer. However, when full price I do by different brands. I would also make the recyclable bags easier to get hold of, as this is a huge importance to me, but they can be hard to get hold of. Maybe these could be included in a multi pack of food.

Rachael: I loved that Little Freddie pouches are recyclable, but to do so you have to send the pouches back to the company and buy a mailing bag to do so. It’s really commendable that the company has this option, especially when other companies don’t, but if you can’t put them in your home recycling bin it’s just not practical for most families with small children to do. If I could change one thing about Little Freddie pouches, it’d be that it’s much easier for busy parents to recycle the pouches.

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