Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender Review

from Nûby
RRP £60
Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender
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by Thought Thought |

What we say:

If you’re looking for a versatile blender, this is well worth considering. It comes with a large batch bowl as well as a cup, so you can switch easily between preparing single meals or batch-cooking. It also has two blades – one for blending and another for milling. Lots of useful accessories are included.

The Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender makes food preparation for babies so much easier, and quicker too.

The blender is suitable for all stages of weaning, from purées and chunkier textures to ‘mini meals’ for older babies. The product has steamer and pressure start functions, and comes with a host of accessories, including a spatula (which is great for scooping food out of the blender), storage cups, interchangeable blades (allowing for different consistencies), and a single portion blender unit as well as a larger unit for batch cooking.

The product should come with an Instruction Manual & Cook Book but be sure to check that this item is not missing. Overall, a useful product that is good value for money.

Tested by Caroline Kirk, mum to Sonny, six months, and Rowan, five years. She said:

This doesn’t have a steam function, but comes with all you need to steam food in a microwave. Although this is a powerful blender, I prefer a combined steamer/blender gadget. I love the storage pots that
are included, and that it indicates how much veg or fruit you need to make portions.​

Tested by Ramya Krishnamoorthy, mum to Niralya, eight months. She said: 

Sleek and easy-to-use for preparing purées and chunkier textures. I like that it comes with so many additional components, including a silicone freezer tray, food storage pots, spoons and a spatula, plus a fruit and veg guide. I wish it had an inbuilt steaming mechanism instead of using the microwave, though.

Product Information

  • Mighty Blender High Torque Power Base

  • Short Cup

  • Large batch bowl

  • Lid - with measuring cup

  • Blending blade

  • Milling blade

  • Steamer basket & base

  • Spatula

  • 2 x Long handled weaning spoons

  • Freezer Tray

  • 6 x freezer pots

  • Nutritional Guide

  • User Manual & Cook Book