Organix Goodies Toddler Puffs Review

from Organix
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Organix wants to make healthy nutritious food a real choice for everyone. Their 'No Junk Promise' means nothing unnecessary is added. These toddler puffs are organic, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and contain only naturally-occurring sugars. The range features cheese and herb, carrot stix, cheese and onion, cheesy pea and saucy tomato.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Beth: I love that these are in brightly coloured packaging and are much healthier than your standard snack. I like that they are made with different veggie goodness and taste yummy! They are a tidy snack and the portion size is great too as there won't be any wastage.

Kimberley: I would recommend to a fellow mum for the convenience of being able to take them out without having to worry about purchasing something on-the-go. The design on the product is eye-catching and would catch the eye of a toddler.

Paulina: I would recommend Organix Snacks because the ingredients are natural, the flavours are rich, you can taste what the snack is made of and they are easy to use.

How did this product make your life easier?

Julie: These are such a huge hit in our house, they make for an ideal small snack for on-the-go and at home. My little girl loves these, they are packed with flavour, the perfect size for little hands and are full of good stuff - what more could a mum ask for?

Kate-Louise: This product makes my life easier because the snacks are in small packets which are perfect for fitting in the changing bag. It’s easy to keep a packet handy for those moments when you need to bribe your toddler to stay sat in the pram. They’re also perfect for mess-free snacks on the go!

Beth: They are are an easy snack to grab and give your child on-the-go. I tend to empty half a pack and put it in a little container for her to sit and pick at. They are a quick and easy snack to give as well as being healthier than your standard bag of crisps.

Would you choose this product to win?

Julie: I choose these above all the others on the market. Their packaging and website are full of information which clearly marks what is and isn't in them. This is really important to me as I really try to not use 'junk' food. These are a great alternative to fruit/veggie sticks.

Beth: I think the Organix Goodies should win this award. They are a great alternative to a sugared filled snack. They may be slightly more expensive than other brands but they are definitely worth it in my opinion. They are tasty and a great portion size so there is not any wastage.

Paulina: I would choose Organix Snacks above all others. The taste is appealing, the texture of the snacks is pleasant and they are a natural, healthy alternative to sugar-packed snacks. If you are out and about you just open a package and leave it with the baby and they can snack away.

What changes would you make to this product?

Paulina: I would change the packaging as they currently come in small plastic bags, which means you can't transport them very well as they break easily. Furthermore, not all plastics are currently recycled. I would choose a resealable cardboard box to make them last longer.

Emma: I would like to see a range that is dairy-free. My husband and I are vegan and it's always difficult finding items.

Beth: I would not change anything. The packaging is bright and child-friendly. They aren't loaded with sugar and they are a good portion size to carry around in your baby bag when out and about.

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