Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch – Stage 2 review Review

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Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch - Stage 2
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Tesco Own Brand Baby Food Pouch - Stage 2 at a glance:

At Tesco our Own Brand baby food has been developed to help little ones discover a whole new world of exciting tastes and textures. Every recipe has been developed with weaning experts to support healthy child development across the key stages. Made from natural, high quality ingredients, our products are organic, veg-lead with no added salt, sugar or artificial colours and flavourings. It's our way of helping our youngest customers lead healthier lives and supporting parents in their goal to raise happy, healthy eaters.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth: Ready made meals that you know are full of nutrients is always going to make life easier. The design of the packaging means that they are handy to take out and about too for a meal fix if needed. They also make a good base for meals for when baby is starting to have more chunks in their food as veg can be easily added is wanted.

Ruth: Using this product means I can feed my son out and about. The resealable lid means I can close it back up again if we haven't finished with it and then use the rest again later. The choice of ways it can be heated means I can heat it in the packet and not have to empty the contents out first. This product saves me having to make meals from scratch.

Anne-Marie: The pouches are easy to use and can easily be put in a bag without any risk of them leaking. They taste really nice (both my baby and I liked them!) and contain only organic produce. They don’t contain any added salt or sugar and are healthy food options. The fact that they contain small lumps means that they have a bit of texture for baby to practice chewing. All in all a great buy for quick, easy, yummy and healthy meals for baby!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Anne-Marie: These pouches are quick and easy to use. They can easily been taken in a bag for a meal on the go, and if you forget to take a spoon, you can squeeze directly into baby’s mouth. I love the fact that they are similar to what I would usually eat meaning that I feel like baby is eating something similar to me, but without me having to puree my meals and make sure not to add salt.

Rachael: Probably unless aldi or lidl come up with something cheaper. Ella's kitchen are very expensive and seem to have a general higher sugar load than these. Easy to transport. Good for days out. If you are lucky enough to have a child that will accept spoon feeding they are very useful. Mine will only eat them on toast.

Charlotte: Yes I would definitely recommend this product to other mums. My little one loved the pouches and gobbled them up! I was reassured by the recipes all being made from organic ingredients, and looking at the nutritional information they seems pretty balanced too. Most of the meals and snacks I feed my little one are usually homemade. The pouches are extremely convenient for when we are out and about, with no mess!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lyndsay: Much better value for money than other named brands, great choice of flavours and packaging makes it really easy to pick the right food for baby's age. Some of the brand named foods have strange flavour combinations, Tesco’s are simple straight forward recipes but also offer healthy choices and ingredients.

Upasana: I can't say this product stands out from the rest of the other brands out there. It is of similar packing and style to the other makes. Unfortunately i did end up wasting some of the products as my little girl was not able to finish a packet and unfortunately it says that once it is open to consume immediately, therefore unable to save for the next day. It is reasonably priced compared to other brands, and you do get a lot for your money.

Ruth: Although I liked the design of the product I wouldn't choose it above other products due to the taste and texture of the puree itself. The purees have quite a bitter taste to them, especially those that have a tomato base to them like the spaghetti bolognese. My son didn't really enjoy eating them compared to another brand.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachael: Vitamins as part of the nutritional information. More people are aware of issues like iron deficiency , if I know for example this packet contains 3mg of iron, then it's reassuring, and might influence what I feed baby for the next meal. All pouches seem to be high sugar, this is one of the better ones but fruit sugar is sugar.

Anne-Marie: My 7 month old never managed to finish a whole pouch, so it would be good if the contents could be frozen to be used at a later date, rather than having to throw out what isn’t used straight away. It would mean that there would be less waste and it would provide more meals for my baby. It would also be good if the pouches were recyclable so that using them didn’t contribute to landfill.

Lyndsay: I would love more flavour choices as like to make sure baba is not always eating the same things as she loves variety in her meals. May be that is just down to individual stores choices/space for products. I would obviously prefer if the products were slightly cheaper or if more offers were available on Tesco’s own brand.

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