TUM TUM Baby Weaning Set Review

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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Allowing babies to feed themselves with what they choose has to be a good thing and making it fun with foodie faces is even better. This children's first dinner set is ideal whether for baby led weaning or conventional weaning. It includes a kids plate with dipping pot ears for superior dunking, a 'Peepo' bowl with hiding bears and a super cute 200ml sippy cup with a weighted straw for any-way-up drinking.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Helen: This set looks and feels lovely! The bowl comes with a lid, so it can be used as a snack pot when we’re out. It is a lovely alternative to boring Tupperware! The double-ended spoon was small and shallow making it easier for my baby to eat from than deeper spoons. The bear-face shaped plate encouraged me to easily make faces with the food on the plate. This set would be a lovely gift. I like the colours of these products and they are not overtly gendered. They feel good to hold and I’d definitely be proud to be seen with this product.

Kirstie: The sippy cup is spill-proof with a lid that can be taken on and off easily. The bowl with the lid is transportable and the face on the bottom is an incentive for your child to eat. It’s made with solid materials and easy to clean in the dishwasher. The plate is small enough for travel or eating out so it’s familiar to your child.

Abigail: We love how cute this weaning set is. The bear design is perfect for making my baby smile. The little tub with lid is very useful for storing snacks in the fridge and taking out on days out. My little girl had not tried a cup with a straw before but it didn't take her long to get the hang of it and now she drinks much more water! I would definitely recommend this to a fellow mum who is having trouble getting their baby to drink from a traditional sippy cup. I think this is way more fun. It's also handy having the measurements on the side.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jenny: This little set has been amazing for us. It was the first sippy cup that my daughter accepted. It was brilliant as she has a habit of lying down to drink, so the weighted straw was a godsend. The plate was great, has a fun face on it with a rubber bottom to stop it slipping. Kids loved it.

Laura: The fact this product is dishwasher and microwave safe is the biggest plus for me. Storing things and warming them in the same pot makes things easier. The spoon meant I didn't have a daily mealtime battle with a hungry/frustrated baby. This spoon gave him the independence to feed himself. The bowl was versatile for use at home or on-the-go and it has a cute design that could only be seen once the food was eaten. I was impressed that the cup was leak proof and the weighted straw meant that he was always able to drink easily.

Jodie: The cup with the weighted straw has definitely made my life and my child's life easier. He's taken to the straw really well and no matter how he holds the cup the straw moves with it so he is still able to get a drink and isn't left sucking air. The plate is a nice shape and is slim enough to carry around in your baby bag but the sides are still high enough to stop food falling off the sides.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: It is a very good product. It is nicer than the other sets I have seen as many of them are bowls. It is useful to have a large flat surface to put the food on, especially if it is cooling down. It looks well made and the colour scheme is very nice. The beaker has a closing feature which I have not seen on other products.

Helen: I think the style of this product is great. The quality of the materials and the colour scheme makes this set stand out. The bear face-shaped plate is a treat to use and the ears which hold dips adds more fun to the mealtime. The shallow spoon end makes it easier for your child to eat and the curvy spoon handle spoon is perfect for little hands. The lidded bowl is good to use out of the house. I think that when my baby is a toddler, she’ll like the plate and will use the cup from this set so I do recommend that this product should win.

Kirstie: I wouldn’t choose this over other products. There was no suction on the bottom of the plate so after a while, my son worked out he could lift it and then food went everywhere! This is a shame as the dishwasher and microwave feature was brilliant! I did like the sippy cup and the bowl and if these products were sold separately I would choose them. The cup's sliding lid and weighted straw made it leak proof.

What changes would you make to this product?

Abigail: I would only change the cleaning process of the straw. I wish it was dishwasher friendly. Everything else is easy to clean. I'm a busy mum and need an easy life!

Jenny: The only thing I would change about this weaning set is the way that the ears are made. The small gap between them makes cleaning it a little hard. The rubber has also stained, but it doesn't affect the usability of the product so we will continue to use with pleasure! Big thumbs up from us.

Laura: I would add a maximum level on the cup to ensure that you don’t overfill it. I overfilled the first time causing boiling water to come shooting out of the straw. I would also be interested in a lid for the plate which would mean you could use it to store the food and take it on the go rather than lots of Tupperware to separate savoury and sweet.

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