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Celebrating parenting's small wins

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Celebrating parenting's small wins

Molly Forbes –

As mums, we’re constantly told to enjoy every moment and make the most of our kids when they’re young. In reality, parenting can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’ve been up all night with a teething baby, or your toddler’s just drawn crayon up the wall! That’s where small wins come in.

For me, the key to mum success and happiness is not necessarily relishing every moment, but giving yourself a big pat on the back every time you achieve a small parenting win. So why not focus on the small wins we all make every single day?

For me it’s all about those moments in the day when I’ve managed to successfully negotiate a tricky parenting situation. Multi-tasking is often the name of the game as a mum, but there's nothing harder than trying to cook tea while your toddler is pulling at your ankles. I managed to avoid a tantrum recently and negotiate that crazy hour by sitting my littlest girl down with a pile of books and an apple cut into "magic pieces" (or apple rings, as most grown-ups know them by). It was a happy distraction and I won myself 10 minutes to finish cooking.

My biggest small win this month has been persuading my newly picky toddler to eat mushrooms. After pulling my hair out on many a meal time recently, we hit a breakthrough with a special pasta bake. It felt like a gold star parenting moment!

Spending more time indoors on rainy days can be tough on little ones. When it’s really pouring down we love a family movie afternoon. Add in a couple of bags of Goodies Puffcorn to the occasion and it can save the day – it’s fun cuddling up on the sofa in the warmth and my children are thrilled at eating proper “film snacks”. For me, the Organix No Junk Promise means I’m not pumping my kids full of junk.

In fact, my biggest small win this week also included an Organix snack when I successfully completed the weekly shop with my toddler in tow. Chomping on Organix rice cakes kept the peace the entire way round, a miracle first! 

With each small win I get to bask in a mini parenting triumph which can feel like a gold star on days when things aren’t going to plan. These gold stars are my secret to happiness in motherhood. #SmallWins

Celebrating parenting's small wins