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DEMI grow by Nuna - Be ready for tomorrow

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DEMI grow by Nuna - Be ready for tomorrow

You can’t control your destiny, but you can be ready for the stroll ahead with the DEMI grow by Nuna. Designed around your future, it starts life as a single set of wheels, with an all-season seat, swanky storage system and smooth lines, the DEMI grow turns with ease and it’s Custom dual suspension™ enables the ride best for parent and baby, no matter what terrain you are taking on. Change to a Carry Cot or Car Seat at instant and off you go.

Now for the clever part. As well as being a stunning single, the DEMI grow cleverly grows to the needs of you and your family! With the ability to expand to a double or (gasp!) even a twin, it really is designed around your future.

In fact, 23 modes make for clever compatibility, suits whatever surprises may come you way.  It can take two Carry Cots, two Car Seats, two pushchair seats or a mixture of. It’s so simple to fold, flip the seat, and switch to carry cot or travel system modes and accommodates parent or world facing options, babies, toddlers or one of each.

One worry that parents sometimes have about tandem strollers is space. The height between the child at the bottom and the one at the top, can seem a little unfair and the child at the bottom can seem cramped up, not with DEMI grow. Risers are included in the box, so there is loads of space for head room and visibility. The risers also allow for additional interaction between child and parent by bringing them closer together.

Every feature of the DEMI grow has been thoughtfully designed for both comfort, practicality and style. The simple one hand, three position recline, adjustable calf support and progressive front and rear wheel suspension technology which absorbs all bumps, makes for a smooth customisable ride. The all-season seat is removable with just a quick zip, to reveal a mesh second seat allowing increased air flow for summer months. The Dream Drape, which is UPF 50+ is featured on the Pushchair, Carry Cot and PIPA Series car seats, meaning the child is safely protected from the environment around. Even the storage has been designed to meet the needs of daily life, with a removable market basket and flip up compartment divider, your babies swag can be kept separate from your weekly shop.

The DEMI grow is all inclusive, so everything you need is in the box, including; cosy footmuff, rain cover, fenders for the wheels, risers and not one but two sets of car seat adapters! Another set of car seat adapters is included with the Carrycot, along with rain cover, and with the second seat, which is the same size as the first seat, you again get another footmuff, rain cover and more car seat adapters, just in-case the first set go missing!

The DEMI grow really is the perfect companion, so you can stroll now and grow later. Find out more at