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Does your baby cry after the bath? You need to read this!

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Does your baby cry after the bath?

Trusted by millions of mums all over the world are the experts in baby sleep, The Gro Company. Their range of award winning products makes our lives as parents that little bit easier. Their latest range is set to be no different, only this time it’s coming with a splash! Grobath is an exciting new bathtime range, created especially with little people in mind.

We’ve all faced the struggle of not being able to settle our babies after their bath. They love splashing and playing in the water, but when they come out they just won’t stop crying! What’s the solution, you ask? Well, now we have your answer. Babies love to be swaddled as it helps them to feel safe, settled and soothed. So why not try a swaddle shaped towel - the new Groswaddledry is exactly that! Designed for newborns up to six months old, this towel recreates the soothing effects of swaddling whilst drying baby. This will help them relax, stay warm and of course help you avoid all of that crying. To keep your baby extra snug, this clever towel also has a hood which has been specially designed to keep more heat in. A warm, snuggly baby is a happy baby!

The Groswaddledry has been made with Gro’s revolutionary new fabric, Puredry microfibre. Specially created for the Grobath range, it is hypoallergenic and super absorbent to get your little one dried quickly. It is super soft and has been proven to keep its softness after every single wash. It’s the perfect fabric for keeping your bundle of joy wrapped up warm after bathtime.

Also in the Grobath range are the Grotowel and Grorobe. Made with the same luxurious fabric as the Groswaddledry, your child will be super snuggly for those cosy after bath cuddles. The Grotowel is a wrap around towel for little ones aged six months up to four years old. It’s a generous size with plenty of length to get them dry quickly and avoid getting chilly. The Grorobe is for toddlers aged one to three years old, with two handy pockets for storing their favourite bathtime essentials. Both products have a super cute hood, shaped to help dry their hair.

Gro have created four adorable characters for the range that your little one is bound to love! A walrus, a penguin and two sea lions bring bathtime to life for bundles of fun. Each product is available in all four character designs, with their cute face on the hood and eye catching colour scheme throughout. With hues of grey, yellow, coral pink and turquoise blue, there is a character to suit everyone.

To celebrate this momentous launch, Gro have teamed up with leading children’s reading charity, Book Trust to support their ‘Bath, Book, Bed’ campaign, which is all about the importance of having a great bedtime routine. We love these new products from Gro, and can’t wait to use them in our own Bath, Book, Bed routines!

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