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MAT B1 Form: What Is A Maternity Certificate & How To Get One

MAT B1 Form: What Is A Maternity Certificate & How To Get One

It’s your ticket to maternity pay from your employer, but how exactly do you get your hands on it?

There’s so much to think about once you find out you’re pregnant – it’s tempting to skip the boring bit and plunge straight into planning babygros and buggies. But you do need to make sure your maternity leave and pay is set up, which involves getting the correct form from your midwife or GP.

Ask Your Midwife or GP

Although your midwife should automatically give you a MAT B1 form at the antenatal appointment that takes places after your 20-week scan, you may need to request it - it is available from either your midwife or your doctor.

What Next?

You’ll need to sign it and then at some stage before you are 25 weeks pregnant (by the end of the 15th week before the beginning of your expected week of birth), you’ll need to give it to your employer, so either your boss or HR team.

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Here’s what your Mat B1 form will look like

Choose the right time to tell your boss

It’s tempting to shout your pregnancy from the rooftops immediately, but most people keep schtum in the office until at least past the 12-week milestone (and scan), after which time the risk of miscarriage is reduced. Bear in mind you can’t take time off for antenatal appointments until you’ve told your employer about your pregnancy.

Of course, you may choose to keep your news to yourself until your 20-week scan, although the ginger nuts and frequent trips to the loo, never mind the expanding bump, might give you away.


What else to tell your employer

Either in a letter or an email (check with your HR department for your compant policy), you need to tell your boss your due date and the date your want to start your statutory maternity leave and pay.


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