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10 Brilliant Reasons To Use Reusable Nappies

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Reusable nappies often conjure up images of pieces of cloth and safety pins – but they’ve come a long way since that, making fans of famous mums like Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow.

There are plenty of brilliant reusable nappies available that are easier to use than you may think. In fact, there are lots of reasons why reusable nappies may be for you.

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1. You can try first

Lots of brands sell single reusable nappy trial packs so you can see how they work for your baby before buying the 18 to 20 that you’ll eventually need. [Corbis]
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2. Better for the environment

By switching to reusable nappies, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Statistics show that three billion disposable nappies are thrown away every year in the UK – almost four per cent of all landfill waste.

‘Reusable nappies are up to 40 per cent better for the environment than disposables in terms of your carbon footprint,’ says Wendy Richards, director of The Reusable Nappy Association. ‘This figure includes calculations for post purchase laundry of reusables and assumes washing at 40-60 degrees and predominantly air drying the nappies.’ [Corbis]

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3. Softer on your baby’s skin

Made from a fabric of your choice (there’s a wide variety including organic cotton and natural bamboo) – the natural fibres of reusuable nappies allow for more airflow than plastic-woven disposables helping moisture evaporate, which leaves your baby drier and less prone to nappy rash. [Corbis]
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4. May save you money

Reusable nappies may seem more expensive at first, but ultimately they work out cheaper. ‘Reusable nappies save parents around £500 (including washing costs) per child compared to the cost of disposables – and what's more, a full set of reusable nappies to last a baby from newborn to potty training can cost as little as £200,’ says Wendy. [Corbis]
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5. Lots of choice

You can buy reusable nappies to suit your budget and baby. Chose from shaped nappies, one size or sized ones, two-piece nappies (the quickest to dry) and all-in-ones. Plus, you’ll be hard pressed to find a colour or print that you don’t like, as there are so many different designs available.
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6. Less spillage

‘The thicker, more robust elastic on the back and legs of a cloth nappy means that when you are faced with the worst a baby can throw at you, there is a much better chance of containment,’ says Wendy. [Corbis]
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7. Helps with potty training

Babies are likely to notice when their reusable nappy is wet, which goes a long way in helping them notice the different feeling between being wet and dry. This can help make potty training a whole lot easier. [Corbis]
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8. Easy to wash

Keep the dirty nappies in a bin with a lid on and once it’s full, simply put the whole lot in the washing machine. Easy!
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9. You can try a mix and match approach

If you’re slightly wary of going full time on reusable nappies, try using both reusable and disposables. You can use resuables at home and disposable ones when you’re out and about – or whatever system suits your lifestyle. [Corbis]
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10. Easy to use

If you thought that reusable nappies involved safety pins and lots of hassle, then you’ll be pleased to know things have evolved since the first terry squares emerged. You can choose nappies with press-stud fasteners that are just as simple to put on your baby as disposable ones. [Corbis]
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