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10 real mum tips on choosing the perfect pushchair

Section: Shopping Ideas
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When it comes to choosing your perfect pushchair, the choice can seem overwhelming. Do you go for the lightweight stroller that will be easy to lift in and out of the boot, or the clever travel system you’ll be able to convert into a double buggy if you need? To help you make your decision, we asked our Mother & Baby mums for their top tips on choosing the perfect pushchair:

  1. Look for a big basket for carrying your shopping – it’s something you might overlook when choosing a buggy, but will definitely come in handy when doing the school run!
  2. Choose a lightweight model that is easy to lift in and out of the car, and easy to push one handed – us mums need to multitask after all! The pact by Joie is a lifesaver and only weighs 6kg!
  3. Whatever you do, measure your car boot BEFORE buying a pushchair to check if it fits!
  4. If you are tall, check that the handle will be high enough for you to push without getting a sore back. Ideally, find a pushchair with an adjustable handle so both you and your partner are comfortable pushing it.
  5. Make sure you can fold it up and down easily – ideally with one hand, so you can get your pushchair in the car whilst holding your baby. For example, most of Joie’s pushchairs offer a one hand fold, which is a hassle and fuss free on-the-go option. 
  6. Consider whether or not you are planning on having another child. It might feel odd forward planning, but if you are, make sure the pushchair can either be converted into a double buggy, or has a buggy board.
  7. If you can, choose a buggy that offers both parent and world facing for your newborn, as it’s nice to have the option to choose.
  8. Look for a pushchair that’s light and not too bulky, but that also has sturdy wheels that won’t allow the pushchair to topple over. If you’re not just using your pushchair in the city, it’s also a good idea to find a buggy with multi-terrain wheels, such as the Joie crosster
  9. Find one with an easy to use harness that is easy to unclip with one hand, but is still safe, secure and comfortable for your little one (even when they’re trying to escape!)
  10. Make sure your buggy has all the little extras, such as a good raincover and a large hood – both come in handy when dealing with the unpredictable English weather!

For more information on the perfect pushchair, head to Joie’s website.