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10 safety products from Clippasafe to make a real difference

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Safety and comfort are the top priority for any parent when it comes to caring for their baby or toddler. These must-have products from Clippasafe have all been designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind. From cupboard locks to toy tidies, take a look and see which ones you and your little one need in your lives.
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Bump Belt,

Despite protecting Mum-to-Be in a vehicle, seat belts pose a real threat to unborn babies if they are wrongly positioned over the abdomen. The Bump Belt is a simple to use product that keeps the seat belt safely below the bump, protecting your baby in the event of emergency braking or a collision; while making driving much more comfortable.
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Cupboard and Drawer Locks,

The contents of drawers and cupboards can be lethal to small children, from choking hazards like the lids of pens, to knives and toxic substances; keep them away from curious hands and mouths by securing cupboard doors and drawers with these easy to fit locks.
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Roller Sun Blinds,

The sun gets incredibly hot when it shines through car windows, making grumpy and irritable little passengers! These Roller Blinds will shade them, keeping them cool on car journeys. They have large suction cups to keep them securely in place.
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Universal Insect Pram Net,

Insect bites and stings are a real problem at this time of the year and can be really painful to babies. Keep bugs at bay whilst out and about in the hot weather, with Clippasafe's Universal Insect Net. It fits all strollers, carry cots and prams and is easily attachable and removed.
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Bath Toy Bag,

Every parent knows that bath time includes toys! But storing them can be a pain. Keep them tidy, off the floor and let them dry with this handy Bath Toy Bag. It's lightweight and attaches easily to bathroom tiles with suction cups.
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Harness and Reins,

Once they've learned to walk, toddlers want to be everywhere! That's not always safe, especially if you're out and about. Keep them close-by while they practice their new found walking, with a harness and reins. Clippasafe's are available in a range of colourful designs and are woven from comfortable polypropylene, they're secure and easy to fasten and adjust.
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Shampoo Eye Shield,

Shampoo in the eyes is a bath time blunder we could all do without! Save your little one's tears with this Shampoo Eye Shield. Its wide peak catches soap suds before they get a chance to reach the eyes and sting.
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Socket Protector,

This Socket Protector allows you to cover the entire plug area, to not only stop your toddler electrocuting themselves, but also to prevent them from removing plugs (like your computer) or plugging dangerous things in (hair appliances or electric fires).
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Toy Hammock,

Cuddly toys have a habit of taking over bedrooms! This clever Toy Hammock is a simple solution, where your little one's friends can be stored out of the way, making space in the bed once more.
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Cot Insect Net,

Biting bugs like mosquitos enter the house through open windows, especially when they're attracted to lights on warm evenings. Prevent them from biting your little one with this fully breathable and finely woven insect net to cover their cot.
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