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17 Baby Products With Genius Alternative Uses

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Stocking up on everything you need for your baby can be an expensive business – and leave you with lots of unused items once your little one gets older. But before you start putting everything on eBay or planning a car boot to get rid of it all, check out these incredible uses for everything from your baby’s cot to your breast pads…
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Spent £100s on your baby’s cot and not sure what to do with it now he no longer needs it? Saw off one side and make it into a desk for his new room. You can even paint the cot’s base with chalkboard paint so he can draw all over it.
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Another all-rounder product that we can’t get enough of. Dab it on to spots and leave on overnight to dry out. Plus, it’s great for soothing minor burns and sunburn.
Washing and bathtime for baby - your essential guide Expand Image Washing and bathtime for baby - your essential guide

Baby bath

On a hot summer’s day, set your old baby bath up in the garden and fill in with cool water for your toddler to wade in. Alternatively, fill it with sand and use it as a mini sand pit. Hello sandcastle heaven.
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Baby powder

On a frantic morning, save time washing your hair and shake a little baby powder on to your scalp to double up as a dry shampoo.
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Baby food jars

Once used, you can clean out these little glass jars and use them to store nuts, bolts, buttons or dried herbs.
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As nappies are brilliant at soaking up liquid, they make fantastic ice packs. Simply soak (a clean!) one in water and freeze it – perfect for soothing aches and pains in the summer.
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Breast pads

Save money on a push-up bra and use breast pads to give your cleavage a boost on a post-baby night out. They also make brilliant mirror and glass cleaners as they’re lint free.
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Baby monitor

Even when your little one’s older, her baby monitor remains useful. You can use it when she’s unwell (and too weak to call for you) or to hear the oven timer if you’ve got dinner on and are too busy tending the tomatoes at the bottom of the garden (you have a few years to get to that point in your life).
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Fill your child’s unused playpen with balls and use it as a ball pit. Hours of fun to be had!
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Nursing pillow

Don’t throw this out once your baby’s on solids – it will make long-haul flights so much more comfortable.
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Baby socks

Once your baby’s outgrown his tiny first socks *sob*, cut off the feet and use them as knee protectors for when he start’s crawling. A brilliant way to avoid carpet burns.
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Save up your muslin cloths and use them as dusters – or for your teething baby to chew on.
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Baby wipes

That packet of wipes has to be the ultimate multi-purpose parenting product. You can use them to bring a shine to a pair of leather shoes or even polish the furniture with them.
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Nappy bin

Use your baby’s nappy bin to stash leftover food ready for the compost heap. It’s probably small enough to sit on your kitchen counter and will keep the smell of old food contained for a while – but you may want to empty it each evening.
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Baby oil

The greasy texture of baby oil is brilliant for cleaning bathroom grime – and even loosening that ring you can’t get off your finger!
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Empty baby toiletry bottle

Cut open a baby bath bottle and use it to extend the water flow from the sink so your toddler can reach it. Genius!

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