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6 ways to entertain a toddler on a rainy day

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We all know what it's like when the weather is foul outside and we have a little ball of energy running around the house, demanding to be entertained. We have six great solutions to keep your toddler busy. Louise Smith, 30, from Nottinghamshire, mum to Oscar, 29 months, tests these six products to entertain her energetic tot on a rainy day. 

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Diddi Dance Music CDs, £22 for three CDs,

‘These were a fantastic way to get Oscar up on his feet and burning off energy, without him just running around causing chaos. And the relaxing tracks helped him wind down afterwards too. Fast becoming part of our daily routine!’ 
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Aquadoodle Super Colour Deluxe, £24.99,

‘This lets Oscar “paint” with just water, so there’s no mess. The mat is quite big (95x75cm) so he kept scrambling all over it to find new space, and it occupied him for hours. It folds up, so it doesn’t take up much storage space.’ 
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Ikea Busa Play Tunnel, £10, and Tent, £7.50,

‘Oscar enjoys crawling through small spaces and this provided a bright and colourful spot to do just that. Surprisingly, he also used it to wind down in, and enjoyed sitting in the tent looking at a book or cuddling his teddy bears.’
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Chad Valley Indoor Pop-up Ball Pit, £9.95, and 100 balls, £4.99,

‘We often go to soft-play-centre ball pools, so it’s great to have a smaller version at home. Oscar found it easy getting in and out, and he enjoyed posting balls through its two holes. Bulky to store, but his favourite!’ 
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HappyHopperz Daring Dino, £21.99,

‘This was great fun! At first Oscar could only bounce on the spot, but now he rides it around. It’s like having an outdoor toy inside. And because it’s soft he can hop around safely in limited space and not wreck the furniture.’
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ELC Lights and Sounds Funky Footprints, £25, 

‘Top marks to this light-up play mat for using up energy in a small space. Oscar’s movements trigger sounds and capture his attention: it counts to 10, makes funny noises like chiming bells and ‘boing’, and cheers when he reaches the end.’


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