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8 of the best breastfeeding pillows for maximum comfort

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Best breastfeeding pillows and nursing pillows

You probably already have a pregnancy pillow, which hopefully made your pregnancy a little bit more comfortable. But if you don't have one already, or if it's not quite the right shape for feeding your baby, then consider buying a nursing pillow - which will be useful whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

A nursing pillow is a bit different to a pregnancy pillow. They're usually smaller and firmer; you can also buy special ones if you have twins. The right nursing pillow can help if you're having trouble feeding your baby; making sure you're both comfortable will make it easier for you both, giving you both the support you need. 

8 of the best breastfeeding and nursing pillows

This nursing pillow is easy to wash as it comes with a removable cover, so you will be able to use from day one to up 12 months old. It not only makes it easier to breastfeed but also helps to reduce reflux, and to train baby's abdominal and back muscles. For you, it gives more support and promotes a healthy posture. This pillow features high-performance Dupont SUSANS® Polyester Hollow Fiber. 

bbhugme® Pregnancy pillow™ is an award-winning pregnancy, breastfeeding and full body support maternity pillow. This product promises to keep your body comfortable throughout your pregnancy and into the nursing phase. It offers a unique 5-point support, giving you comfort where you need it the most: belly, pelvis, lower back, knees and ankles. It was developed by Scandinavian health professionals.

Twinki Twin Nursing and Feeding Pillow is the perfect product to make breastfeeding twins easier. This pillow can be used in 6 different ways. With an ergonomic back-rest, you will have the support you need to breastfeed or bottle feed your twins at the same time. A removable and washable cover is included.

i-baby 4 in 1 Cotton Knitted Cover Multi-Functional Baby Cushion can be used as a feeing pillow, pregnancy support pillow, baby pillow and regular daily use pillow. The pillow insert is made with 100% polyester, and the pillow cover with 100% organic cotton. 

Theraline The Perfect Pillow For Pregnancy and Nursing gives you the support you need during your pregnancy to relieve pain in your legs, tummy and back, and once baby arrives, it's a great feeding pillow too. It safely moulds to baby's body. This product was a Mother & Baby Award Winner in 2014, 2015 and 2017. You can read here what made this product a winner over the years. 

The UK's best-selling, multi-use feeding, nursing, pregnancy and baby pillow in an exclusive John Lewis print. The Widgey provides maximum support to mum and baby for both bottle and breastfeeding. It can be used during pregnancy and also for baby support. This product is firm, durable and recommended by midwives. A 100% cotton, removable, machine washable cover is included. 

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow helps you to lie on your left side - the best position for you and your baby, according to the NHS - while supporting your bump, back and knees for a restful sleep. It also promises to encourage maximum blood flow between mother and baby while you sleep. Read our full review about this pillow here.

The Clevamama Clevacushion - previously featured in Mother&Baby best products - is perfect from pregnancy right up to stroller stage. It features one nursing pillow with an adjustable waist strap, one support cushion insert, and two shoulder harness cushions. The ClevaFoam technology was researched and developed with the University of Trinity College Dublin. It is scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby's head by 50% and increase support by 80%. Read our full review about this pillow here

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