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All I Want For Christmas... A Prince George Doll?

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A limited edition new toy could be an exciting addition to your toddler's present list

The world had serious royal fever this year. And now toddler fans can enjoy the excitement too – with their very own Prince George doll.

The toy has been created by Zapf, the makers of Baby Annabell, and comes with similar features such as facial expressions and crying sounds, but in a regal, personalised babygro.

"George" can move his eyes, mouth and react to sounds, and if he starts crying, your child can comfort him with a lullaby. When he’s calmed down he’ll respond with a contented sigh or giggle. If only it was always that easy…

Baby George (the toy) is available now for a limited time at retailers including John Lewis and Tesco. There are only 5,000 up for grabs so get it while you can.

Did you get any Prince George memorabilia? Let us know below.


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