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Apptivity™ Gym For iPhone® & iPod Touch® Devices

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2 FREE apps (high-contrast & peek-a-boo) allow baby to interact directly by batting at the overhead toys, enhancing gross motor skills.

Ages: Birth +
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Anushka reviews the Apptivity Gym

Anushka Cross

The Fisher Price Apptivity Gym, around £35, has a holder for your iPhone or iPod Touch so you can download apps for your baby to interact with while playing with colourful gym toys. We asked Anushka Cross, 34, from London, to test the gym with her son, Robin, 22 weeks. Here's her verdict:

The arch is solid and easy to assemble. Robin enjoyed tugging at the toys straight away and chewing the coloured discs that make up the lion. As he outgrows the gym, the attachments can come off and would be good teething or buggy toys.

Apptivity™ Gym for iPhone® & iPod touch® devices

There are two Fisher-Price Apps specifically for the gym but 36 Fisher-Price Apps available in total and they're all easy to download. After just a week in the gym, he went from tapping the dangling toys and pulling at them, to fully inspecting each one by twisting them around in his hand. He also moved from one toy to the other more fluidly. It's amazing to watch him play because he is always fully engaged with his mouth wide open, making excited noises. Anything that buys me a bit of time during the day is a winner with me.

Debbie reviews the Apptivity Gym

The Fisher Price Apptivity Gym, around £35, fits your iPhone or iPod Touch in so you can download apps for him to interact with as well as playing with colourful gym toys. We asked Debbie Zagoria, 30, from Surrey, to test the gym with her daughter, Jessie, eight weeks. This is what she thought:

Assembling the gym took some input from my husband as I struggled to insert the legs, but once built, both Jessie and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. The gym is sturdy, bright and colourful. We live in a flat so it's very useful that it folds up compactly and we can put it out of the way so easily. The animal attachments hang at different levels so Jessie reaches up and to the side to play with them. This has encouraged her to roll from side to side.

As the gym sits slightly ahead of the baby, I can sit or stand above her head and shake and spin the little toys easily. There are clear instructions on how to download the two free Apps that you can play and then you simply insert the iPhone or iPod into the holder so your baby can see it. The 'Black and White' App has images of animals, which are black, red and white, which Jessie has enjoyed looking at. Overall I have been impressed with the Apptivity gym and would recommend it to other mums.'


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