Mother and Baby

Baby Products That Make Life Easier

Section: Shopping Ideas

Essential baby products that make life as a mum easier: Travel, pram, health and sleep

As a new mum you'll be overwhelmed with reams of 'must-have' baby products, but only a few will become your saviours –products that aren't essential, but make life a whole lot easier. Introducing…

Black out blinds
If you know your baby sleeps better in complete darkness, a great temporary solution to big thick curtains are black out blinds, which peel on and off your windows and can be cut to size.

Non-slip feeding bowl
God bless whoever invented the no-mess material that means your baby's bowl – and meal – stays put!

Plastic baby seat
Perfect for babies who can't quite sit up alone, a simple moulded design keeps a baby secure while feeding or if you need to leave the room for half a minute. Most work for babies up to 22 pounds.

Dry Shampoo
Because being constantly on the go doesn't mean you stop caring what your hair looks like, dry shampoo is an absolute life saver. Use it to transform greasy roots when you just haven't been able to squeeze in a hair wash.

Milton Combi steriliser
Ideal for busy mums the Combi sterilises from just 2 minutes in the microwave or 15 minutes with cold water so is fast and easy to use.

It has a strong carry handle making it portable and easy to move around the kitchen and it fits all bottle types and can sterilize 5 wide neck bottles (240ml).