Mother and Baby

Baby Slings: At-a-glance guide

Section: Shopping Ideas

Which style of baby carrier will suit you and your baby best? Check out our reviews of the top baby slings.

A Baby Sling enables you to carry your baby but keeps your hands free. It’s useful not just for walks and shopping trips, but also at home when your baby is cranky and you need to get some chores done. 

Baby slings generally sit your baby upright in various positions: at your front facing inwards or facing outwards, straddling your hip or on your back. Many can be adapted to offer multiple positions, some that enable breastfeeding.

When choosing which sling to buy, do consider how long you plan to use it as some are designed to carry toddlers too. A more expensive sling that you will still be using in a year or two may offer better value than a cheaper sling that is only suitable for newborns. 


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