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Back to school: Best rucksacks for kids in primary school

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Best backpacks for kids

With summer holidays in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about the kids going back to school. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… That’s basically a whole month away, right? Trust me when I say it’s going to come around quickly.

It’s only four weekends away, and if you’re off somewhere hot for two weeks or even going on a staycation, this will fly by. Get ahead of the last-minute shoppers and buy all the essentials you need for your children’s new school year now.

Whether your little boy or girl is just starting primary or it’s their last year before heading off to secondary, you’ll need to invest in a good backpack. A decent bag should last until the following school year, that's if they don’t sprout up too much.  

With so many different rucksacks out there for youngsters, it can be hard to simply pick just one. You’ll find that most have the same functionalities, with a few variations on strap sizes and shapes. Especially for kids, the most important part about a backpack is the design. They want to look cool the first day back at school before running off to play with their friends.

I know how busy it is being a parent, so instead of rounding up the whole family and taking them shopping, you can buy one right now. Let’s face it, if you go to your local supermarket or arcade someone’s guaranteed to have a tantrum (if it isn’t you). Choose from one of my favourite rucksacks for kids in primary school and you can get it delivered in time to try it out before your next adventure.

Help build their future with this brilliant Minecraft backpack. Get your little gamer ready for a new school year and kit it out with everything they need for their exciting adventure. This bag has plenty of room with the main compartment, an inner laptop sleeve and a zipped front pocket.

With a wave of your magic wand and a click or two here and there, you’ll be able to get a rucksack fit for your own little princess. It’s beautiful pink and gold design is wrapped up nicely with a cute bow. Alongside its sweet design, this bag is a great size for everyday use.

Let the magic begin with this Harry Potter rucksack. If your little one is obsessed with witchcraft and wizardry, this is the best school bag for them. They can carry with them all the equipment needed including their magic wand, a book of spells and invisibility cloak.  

Mini space rangers, cowboys and cowgirls at the ready! This fun Toy Story 4 backpack is perfect for going back to school. It has plenty of room for everything they need and more. Plus, this bag can grow with your child as it has adjustable straps.

This bag is purrfect for any little cat lovers. The adorable kitty design comes with attached fabric ears. As well as its charming look, there’s also plenty of space for your child to carry their lunch and stationary. Just think how sweet the first-day picture will look with this on their back.

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