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A guide to the best baby and toddler reins 2019

Section: Shopping Ideas

Baby and toddler reins are a kind of safety harness that attaches to your child, with a strap which is held or attached to you. They are generally worn around the child's chest or waist, however, some types can also work as backpacks.

Baby reins are something not every parent believes they need or want. But for some parents, they can help keep your little one safer when out and about, especially when you are travelling to an unfamiliar place or when you are in especially crowded areas such as shopping centres, fairs, or theme parks.

Whether you want to use them or not is a personal decision. For some parents, it makes them feel more secure because they know that their child isn't going to wander off into danger. However, others feel that keeping a child on reins is too similar to having a dog on a lead.

How you feel about it is important: if you don't feel comfortable using reins, that's absolutely fine, but if they work for you that's also OK.

You shouldn't have to worry about a child getting tangled up or hurting themselves, but be cautious about buying or using second-hand reins. New baby and toddler reins are super safe, as they follow EU standards on safety, but this may not be true of second-hand products. 

5 best baby and toddler reins:

This a belt which fits children aged 18 months and above. It can be used in crowded places to prevent a child from getting lost. The design is British and follows all UK standard safety regulations. It is a discreet, neutral and comfortable alternative to traditional children's reins.

A suitable rein for children aged from 12 months to 36 months. It looks like a really cute small kid backpack that is totally adjustable on the shoulders and also on the chest. The rein/strap is removable so it can be used later on as a backpack. You can find it in 10 exciting designs.

This is a fuss-free harness that is super easy to use, as it comes with a cute range of animal designs that your small boy or girl will want to wear. Also, it can grow with your kid, so you don't need to invest in a new one, fitting from 6 months to 48 months. This makes it a great investment.

This is a different kind of product, working as a comfortable wristband for both child and parents. If you don't feel so comfortable with the idea of using traditional baby and toddler reins, this is can be a good solution. The technology used in them means they are safe and comfortable.

A good option for parents who want their children moving more freely with safety.  It can be used by children up to 48 months old. There's a quick release button on the reins so you can free your child fast if you need to, and the product can also be used as a safety harness for a high chair.

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