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A definitive guide to the best baby slings 2019

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Best baby slings

A baby sling is a secure and practical way to carry your little one around, but selecting the best baby sling for you can be difficult.

Usually, a baby sling is a long piece of fabric with special features that can be wrapped around you and your baby tying both together. In general, a baby sling doesn't have clips, buckles or buttons, but, if tied correctly, they are super secure.

Baby slings are especially good for newborns as you can keep them around you, snuggled and happy, while doing other activities inside your house or outside when out and about.

If you aren’t sure a baby sling is right for you, consider a baby carrier, which provides more support, or even, a backpack carrier if you are thinking about going on adventures with your little one. You can check our selection of best baby carriers and best baby carriers backpacks.


Which are the best baby slings to buy?

This sling is different from the other ones in this list, as its wrap-styled. It's easy to use in different positions and for different baby size stages. As it only fits one size you can't share with another person, but the advantages of this baby sling put it on the top of best-sellers.


Caboo +Organic is a sling with good support. It's designed to provide more structure, and it allows you to carry your baby in five different positions. This sling is easy to use and to adjust feeling super comfortable even for heavier babies. You can use it during summer as its made of breathable fabric but also during winter as it keeps your baby warm. The only negative side of this sling is you can't carry your baby on your back with it. You can read the full review about Caboo +Organic Sling.

This is a multi-use wrap sling which works when your little one is a baby and later when they get to the toddler stage. You can only carry in one position but with well-distributed weight evenly across back and shoulders. It's highly recommended for newborns and for mums after a C-section.


This baby sling is super affordable without compromising on quality. You can use from newborn to toddler, but it's perfect for when your baby is around 6 to 12 months. You can find it in different colours. This is the basic model from a wide range of slings from Je Porte Mon Bébé.


The most important advantage of this sling is you can carry both babies and toddlers (but not at the same time!) Also, its simple to use. There is extra padding on the shoulder which can be helpful, making it particularly comfortable to wear, but some of our mum testers complained about the fact it looks bulky. You can read the full review about We Made Me Soohu Sling Classic.


Couldn't find what you were looking for? Check out our articles about best baby carrier backpacks and best baby carriers. 

How often should you use a baby sling?

You can use your baby sling as much as you want, you even use a sling while breastfeeding or bottle feeding (for both cases, you need to keep the baby in a certain position to allow the milk flow and avoid any choking).

We would advise you to consider the two-hour baby rule where you avoid keeping your baby in the same position for over two hours, as their spine is still in development and it's important to keep them in different positions.

How do you choose a baby sling?

To keep your mind at rest, it's advised to choose a sling from a reputable retailer to ensure baby safety. Spend time researching different baby sling reviews and be sure to check out the slings which won the Mother&Baby Awards 2019. 

How do you use your baby sling safely?

Your baby sling needs to be tight, keeping you and your baby closely attached, also, you need to be able to check your baby all the time. Try “the kiss test”: if you can kiss your baby’s head, you are in the right position. Also, the correct position for your baby is on your chest, and with good support for their back, neck, and hips.

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