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Thirteen Top Baby Teething Buys

Ah, the teething stage. One of your baby’s greatest and cutest milestones is the appearance of his first pearly white – but getting there isn’t always plain sailing, let’s be honest. Fortunately, if your little one is struggling with dribbling and being a bit grizzly, there are things you can do to help. We’ve rounded up the best products to soothe him – and make the process smoother for you, too.

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Matchstick Monkey teething gel applicator, £12.99, Amazon

The Matchstick Monkey teether is great at soothing sore, teething gums, as well as being a fun, friendly character. He is soft and gentle with soothing bumps on the back of his head. Available in a range of bright colours. 
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Teethers, £10.99,

These new teethers from are super stylish and come in a range of lovely colours. Choose a circle or a square (with gentle rounded edges), then pick a colour – black, white, grey, blush pink or neon yellow.
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Rattle ring, £10,

This rattle ring is a new item in the Nibbling range, which we love for its teething necklaces. It is made from 100% silicone and is soft on baby’s gums, and is firm but flexible for little hands to hold. 
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Sophie La Girafe, £8.00, Amazon

This iconic teething ring is a fave with the likes of Miranda Kerr and Isla Fisher. It’s made from 100% natural rubber and gives your baby something good to chew on.
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Teetha Teething Gel, £4.95, Nelsons

Rub some of this sugar-free homeopathic gel on your baby’s gums to soothe her when she’s grizzly and in pain. Also available in granule form.
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Closer To Nature Stage 3 Easy Reach Teether, £4 for two, Tommee Tippee

Surfaces to massage your baby’s gums? Yep. Sections for teething gel? Check. Areas for her to chomp on? Most definitely. A really effective multipurpose teether.
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Drool Monkey, £20, Cinnamon Sue

This organic cotton blanket triples up as a teether (it has chewable knotted corners) and dribble wiper. A little pricey but it can be enjoyed later as a comforter.
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Neckerchew, from £11.95, Amazon

This reversible dribble bib features a squidgy chewable point to give your baby relief and absorb any mess. Plus, it’s available in a variety of designs. Genius.
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Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, £3.89, Amazon

This food feeder may be designed for weaning, but many parents find it’s good for the teething stage, too. Put soothing cold food in the net and your baby can suck and chew without the choking risk. Suitable from six months.
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Brush-Baby Clear Chewable Toothbrush and Teether, £4.99, Amazon

Your little one may find chewing on a soft baby toothbrush gives his gums some relief. This can be used with teething gel or after being cooled in the fridge. Suitable from 10 months.
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Hevea Natural Panda Teether, £10, Amazon

This eco-friendly teether is made of 100% natural rubber, and the gentle surface is good for soothing your baby's irritated gums. Did we mention it's in a panda design? Cute!
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ELC Linky Teether and Mirror, £6.99, Amazon

This colourful teething toy gives your baby relief - as well as a chance to check himself out in the mirror.
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The Bubba Bag, £22.95, Amazon

Forget raiding the contents of your handbag. Now your baby can enjoy her own - one that comes with four teething toys made of soft, flexible, non-toxic material for her to chew on.

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