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The best beauty deals for mums

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The pregnancy glow is nothing more than feeling hot, sweaty and unwell, right? Although this is one of the most magical experiences that you’ll ever have, you can never fully prepare for how your body will act.

That’s why it’s super important that all mums look after themselves. One of the best ways to do this is by eating well and taking it easy. You can often get caught up with looking after the little patter of feet or getting ready to meet them.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best beauty deals for mums to ensure you take time for you, too. We know you haven’t eve got time to eat your toast hot, so we get that every second of your day counts.

Whether you’re browsing on the loo or before bedtime, here’s a quick guide on all the products you need to pamper yourself. Just remember being a mum is hard! And, you deserve a treat.

It’s time for a little mum TLC.

The best beauty deals for mums

Do you have stretch marks? Bio-Oil’s ingredients help to prevent new stretch marks by keeping your skin well hydrated as well as helping the collagen production. As well as helping your body, it smells amazing. Win-win!


Braun FaceSpa Pro

Braun FaceSpa Pro

£90.90 - RRP: £129.99

Get all your skincare and beauty needs ticked off with this do it all device. Not only will it gently cleanse your face but swap off the head and you’ll also have an epilator. Gone are the days where you’ll have to book in a wax; this beauty gadget removes shorter hair and leaves your skin looking clear.

Are you having a well-deserved night off with the girls? These curlers are the perfect tool to help you get ready. The bounce won’t be from your little one on your knee - instead, it’ll be from your hair.

Designed for mums-to-be, this luxurious moisturiser helps to stop stretch marks and keeps your skin feeling silky smooth. Add this to your basket if you're looking for a product that’s made from natural ingredients.


When you’ve got time to put make-up on, swap out make-up wipes for these reusable remover pads. Not only are they as soft as a cloud, but they’re also biodegradable!


Create your own fairy-tale with this amazing Vera Wang perfume. If you’re after a fruity floral scent, this fragrance will be right up your street.


You’re up on your feet all day, so before you get a couple of hours shut-eye, pop this foot lotion on. It’ll help you feel amazing as well as sort out any calluses or dry skin.


Soaking in the tub is a bit of a treat, so take this to the next level with this gorgeous bath and body gift pack. Relaxing has never been so pretty. 

When you have a chance to pop a bit of lippy on, stop the colour from running with this lovely liner. It’s long-lasting, so you won’t have to constantly top it up during the day.

Are you breastfeeding? This cream is 100% natural so you can continue your journey, while soothing and protecting sore nipples. So, you can happily apply before or after feeds to give you that much-needed relief. 

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