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The very best board games for young kids

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If you're looking for a new toy for your toddler or a way to engage with them whilst they learn then board games are a great option!

Playing board games as a family is a great way to get everyone sitting down and talking. They are a fun activity that means you don't have to rely on technology and neverending re-runs of Peppa Pig to entertain your tot.

Board games are not only fun but they can be educational and a great way to help little ones with key skills like communication, problem-solving, turn-taking and perhaps working as part of a team.

 We have scoured the internet for the best board games for kids aged 3-5 so you don't have to (just try not to get too competitive!).

7 board games for kids aged 3-5:

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1) Pete The Cat Groovy Buttons Game, £14.61, Amazon

Pete the Cat is famous in the book world and now there is a board game. The game is perfectly designed for little kids with no reading required. The gameplay is easy but also challenging and kids can use their counting skills and learn the valuable skill of winning and losing graciously (you hope!).
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2) Charades for Kids, £10.50, Amazon

Everyone loves the classic game of Charades and now it's the kids' turn with this Charades For Kids The Board Game. It's been specially designed for children to play and enjoy. This is a great board game to have around for Christmas, family holidays and rainy afternoons. It's best played with at least 3 players and children aged 4 and above.
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3) One Dog Ten Frogs Game, £10, Amazon

A giant floor activity, counting and memory game, with supersize cards for even more fun and play value! The game includes a variety of friendly characters to help children learn to count up to the 15 with the help of the handy reference board. Players can also use their memory skills to match the cards. One dog, ten frogs can be played as a single person pairing activity or a multi-player game and by age three children are better prepared for playing with others.

Gold Winner in the 2019 Mother & Baby Playtime Awards.
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4) M.Y What Am I Game, £7.20, Amazon

This quick question card game is for kids and grown ups too! Each player dons a headband with card and then tries to guess what is on the card. The quick fire game is brilliant at helping kids to learn deductive reasoning skills.
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5) My First Snakes and Ladders, £7, M&S

A classic game that teaches kids the all important message of try, try and try again. This My First Snakes and Ladders game will introduce them to the high climbing and slippery falls of the super fun and utterly timeless board game.
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6) Dinosaur Bingo Game, £8.50, John Lewis

Who's got a red Triceratops? Anyone for a green T-Rex? Yellow Diplodocus? This matching bingo game puts the fun into helping young children learn their dinosaurs. This game also develops their colour matching skills and game play.
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7) Ravensburger The Gruffalo Mini Memory Game, £3.99, Amazon

This game contains a set of 48 bright and colourful high-quality memory picture cards with different images of your favourite Gruffalo characters including Mouse, Fox, Snake and The Gruffalo. There are 24 different pairs to match up and collect in this classic game. The game play can be varied to suit different ages and abilities; for younger children use fewer cards, but you’ll be surprised at just how good children are at this game – there is every chance that as their skills develop they will beat you! 

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