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The best breastfeeding covers

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The best breastfeeding covers

When you are new to breastfeeding in public, it can be nerve-racking. You can always start at friendly places that will give you the comfort and the confidence you need to do it with peace, such as your local friendly cafe or a breastfeeding group.

Keep in mind that if you are choosing to breastfeed, you have the right to do it wherever and whenever your baby needs. Most importantly, it’s against the law to discriminate breastfeeding in the UK.

Before going out and about, you can research for suitable areas that will provide a happy and cozy environment. Still not convinced? You can use a breastfeeding cover.

Why buy a breastfeeding cover?

Most of the maternity tops in the market are breastfeeding friendly, but if you want to keep using your old wardrobe, these covers will be an excellent addition to your daily life. You might not know that there is more than one type of breastfeeding cover:

  • Nursing shawl: the most common one is just a large piece of fabric that you can easily DIY it with any muslin.
  • Nursing poncho: this will cover not only your front but also your back becoming the right solution for colder days.
  • Nursing scarf: as the name says, it can be worn around the neck when you’re not nursing.
  • Nursing apron: it isn’t designed to be worn as regular clothing pieces as it looks like aprons that tie around your neck and drape over the baby.

Here's our choice of the best breastfeeding covers:


Made in the UK, this breastfeeding cover gives more coverage than many other brands. It's made from 100% cotton fabric, resulting in a lighter, looser, and more comfortable cover. 


This multi-use cover was the Silver award winner in the 2020 M&B Awards Best Travel Product Under £30. It can be used as a breastfeeding poncho, a blanket for your baby, or a sunshade - a handy product if you're travelling. 



Seraphine’s essential breastfeeding cover is the perfect way to keep you and your little one covered while you feed. It's stylish as well as practical, and the fabric is hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties.

This poncho is made from a supersoft knit to keep you and your little one snug while you feed.


This cover is made with 100% Premium Cotton. The rigid neckline means you can have eye contact with your baby at all times while feeding.

This breastfeeding scarf is quick to put on and take off. You could also wear it as a regular scarf.

A one-size-fits-all apron, easy to roll up and carry with you wherever you go. It features two pockets, to pop in your phone and other stuff. 

A perfect summer cover-up, this nursing cover is made with 85% Cotton and 15% Polyester. it comes in a range of colours, with buttons to easily do up, and it's machine washable.

A multi-use nursing and breastfeeding cover scarf made from a super light and soft fabric. It comes in two parts, and it’s super easy to clean.

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