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The best books for children aged 3 to 4

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Reading to your child has so many benefits, from helping you bond to showing them that you're interested in spending time with them. But it also provides you with the time to teach them important literacy skills, as well as the opportunities to develop their social skills and knowledge.

To help your little one and support them in the early stages of education, choose a variety of books for them to read, from easy rhyming books that they can help repeat the words, to ones with deeper meanings such as love and friendship. Check out our variety of books that are perfect for children aged between three and four. 

A lovely book with fun rhymes, and children will love following Bear on his unexpected adventure! It's a great book to introduce children to the idea of school.

Two bears introduce new and familiar names to your little one by grouped subjects, themes and setting! It's a lovely read to help your little one to put words into context.

Danny and Dinosaur are off on a space-adventure, but when the Dinosaur gets hungry, he eats everything in sight! Join in on the funny rhymes to find out how Danny and the Dinosaur get back home.

This uplifting story will help develop your childs self-esteem and self-love, as Lana herself goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Can the caped superhero potato divert the Evil Pea? Or will he need some help?

From clever to brave, this book expresses everything you love about your little one, and they'll love snuggling up to hear it! 

Little ones can sometimes worry at night about monsters under their bed, and when Bobby is worried to sleep, his mum explains all the fun the bedtime monsters to get up at night, so that he can sleep peacefully.

A little monster can dress himself, brush his fur, ride a tricycle, put away his toys, and get ready for bed. Let the little monster show your little one that they can do it too! 

This book is a whimsical celebration of movement that your little one will love! Jump, twirl and dance through the pages. 


£6.77 - RRP: £6.99

Pants are very funny and little children ALWAYS giggle whenever pants are mentioned. Enjoy a giggle as you meet different animals, people and objects wearing pants of every kind. 


£5.94 - RRP: £6.99

Share this classic story of Dave and his favourite toy, Dogger, with your little one. Will he get Dogger back after losing him?

When something terrible happens, Taylor doesn't know where to turn, so the animals try to tell Taylor how to process his sadness. But what does the rabbit do different? A beautiful story that shows children the importance of being kind and listening.

Pom is playing with Pim, until suddenly Pim goes missing! Pom and the dog look everywhere. But where is Pim?

And for more what-book-to-buy inspiration, why not take a look at our selection of books for children between the ages of 3 and 5?

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