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10 of the best flower deliveries for Mother's Day

Section: Shopping Ideas

Mother´s Day is coming, and you probably need an affordable and thoughtful gift for your mum (or even to send to your partner!). Flowers are universally loved and they will bring a smile to any mamas face. 

When gifting your mum with flowers, make sure you know which one is her favourite. If you can´t get this information without making it too obvious, we suggest opting for pink roses (a statement!) or a spring-edition flowers bouquet. 

Thankfully, most florists offer free delivery, including Amazon Prime which also deliver beautiful blooms. Below you can find our selection of the best flower delivery services that run all year round, because we all deserve fresh flowers once and a while. 


Make the perfect gift for the carnation lover with these beautiful frilly pink and white carnations finished off with meadowy tanacetum. This come with six of each type of carnation.

This gorgeous scented bouquet of pink lilies and pink roses is delivered by Royal Mail. Flowers will be delivered in bud for freshness.

This bouquet contains 7 blue iris, 7 yellow freesia and 3 solidago springs. Waitrose uses mostly britain grown flowers in a way to support local productors. Also their bouquets feature the best seasonal blooms.


The Mother's Day selection at M&S is extensive, with flower bags and baskets from only £20. The one we selected is an example and with free delivery. 


This florist is also super affordable and with fresh real cut flowers. The arranges are lovely to create a bouquet to fall in love with. You can also include your personalised message (in any language) handwritten on an appropriate card.

This was last year best seller, and it's back from another Mother's Day. Serenata Flowers is a well-known flower delivery business with affordable prices and great quality.

Floom is an international brand that deliveries in London as well. It brings loads of gorgeous flowers, starting from £28. All the flowers sold by Floom come from local independent florists. To buy your flowers, you need to put your postal code. There is a special page only for Mother´s Day. 

Sweet and uplifting, this beautiful bunch is just the thing to delight all types of Mums this Mother's Day. This comes with 22 stems including softly scented freesias, velvet lisianthus, snapdragons and delicate meadowy foliage and arrives with 8 luxury chocolates by Prestat. 

Amazon Fresh is the most affordable option starting at only eight pounds. The cheapest bouquet is a spring special with a seasonal mix of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. All the flowers are delivered in a sturdy cardboard box and the vase is not included. Be aware that is only available in London and surrounding areas.

This pretty bouquet of luxury flowers is a unique selection. This comes with free card and chocolates. Your mum will love it. The delivery starts at £4.99. 

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  • Author: Tamires Criscio Gomes
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