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8 mum necklaces that you will want to wear forever

Section: Shopping Ideas

Looking for a sentimental necklace for your mum or yourself? Sometimes there is nothing more special than a pendant to show your pride in being a mama.

We've selected the best options for every budget and style, so we bet you'll find one you'll adore. 

Best Mum Necklaces:

This purse string friendly pendant It comes in both gold and silver colours and is perfect for an everyday look. 



This necklace is made with fine sterling silver material and comes with an engraved charm. You can also get a matching bracelet! 


A modern and ultra delicate necklace that will be loved by any mum. It comes with interlinked heart detailing and adjustable length. This product will be an elegant addition to a neckline for any taste or style.


This necklace is crafted from 9ct gold-plated sterling silver. This pendant featuring the word 'Mum' will quickly become a favourite. 


This is a sterling silver heart-shaped locket engraved with “Mum” and set with a small 9 carat yellow gold flower. With room inside for two photographs, this locket necklace will make the perfect sentimental gift. 


A beautifully unique piece of jewellery that any mum can wear with pride. This personalised mummy necklace can be hand stamped with any combination of names, words or dates. 


This on-trend necklace has an extra special touch, as you can add the name of a new baby. Charms are removable from this chain and can be worn on any other Merci Maman chains.


You can't go wrong with a classic Tiffany necklace... A definite splurge, but one which will last forever. You can buy chain and charm together or separately and also engrave any message you want to make it even more special.


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  • Author: Tamires Criscio Gomes

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