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10 of the best potty training reward charts

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If you're making the leap from nappies to the potty, then you might find a potty reward chart keeps your little one motivated and on track. Many potty training experts hail the use of a reward chart as the key to a successful transition away from nappies, so we've gathered together the best ones out there.

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It's a really simple thing to implement into your potty training routine - simply add a sticker to the chart each time your child uses the potty. The stickers could well help your tot get a bit more excited about the potty training process and stay motivated.

The actions rewarded in most potty training charts are these:

  • Doing a poo
  • Doing a wee
  • Washing their hands
  • Wiping correctly
  • Sitting in their potty for a bit
  • Not having accidents at night
  • Pulling their pants up and down themselves

You can pick and choose from lots of different designs, whether your little one is into princesses and fairies or space ships and pirates.

YouTuber Emily Norris shares her potty training hacks

The best potty training reward charts

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